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Llandudno Ravine

Location: Take the Suikerbossie Restaurant turnoff from the Llunduno to Hout Bay road, and park on the left outside the Ruyteplaats Estate entrance gates. DO NOT go all the way to the restaurant to park. The path up to Hout Bay Corner and the Llandudno ravine routes starts on the left of the Ruyteplaats gates. 

Overview: Llandudno ravine left hand route 'B' is the only SAN Parks official path up this Hout Bay side of Table Mountain. The most awkward rock steps have been secured with stainless steel staples but the route still needs care. Beyond Bee buttress the alternate right hand 'B' route may also be used, but it is a bit more difficult. Once on top, the path continues past the turnoff to Judas peak, and runs all the way to Grootkop and the path behind the Apostles to the Back table.

Key Statistics
Grade:  2 *** A popular way up.
Height gain:  608m: from 150m at Ruyteplaats parking to 758m Judas Pk summit
Time:  3 hrs up, 3 down depending on route and fitness of party

Route Description:

Note: It is a good idea to have Slingsby's map of Table Mountain with you.

Please also note that dogs are allowed only up to and along the low contour level path running Eastwards, and not higher up. 

The path starts on the left of the Ruyteplaats Estate entrance gates, and crosses the remains of the historic Thomas Bain road to Hout Bay. Continue next to the fence passing above the Suikerbossie restaurant. The path splits, and either can be taken as long as you turn East and follow above the Pine trees (there at present!). Take the left branch of this doggie walk contour path and head up through protea bush toward the cliffs of Hout Bay Corner. 

When on the clear ridge, turn right (East) and further along is the Rocky scramble equipped with staples for aid. Continue West and up around the corner to a long traverse ledge below the Eureka cliffs and the imposing Bee Buttress. This traverse has big drops in places, and ends in a series of steep but reasonable easy rock ledges which are ascended. 

Further on the path then enters a ravine bed, which can be wet, but at the point it closes in, more staples have been fitted for assistance to gain the upper part of the ravine. Follow this ravine until it opens out on top of a ridge where there is a good view point. Now traverse East, then ascend a long slope up onto the vlaktes below Judas Peak.

The peak can be climbed, then return and descend the same path. On the way down you may see another path going off to the left down into the dip at an old piece of fence. This is the Llandudno Ravine Right Hand route (also known as Llandudno Buttress)  (shown in the slideshow). Do not take it unless your party is good at rock scrambling and have a head for heights.