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Grotto Ravine

Location: The diagonal ravine line between Fountain Ravine and Blinkwater. Usually started from Theresa Avenue, Rontree Estate, then back along the Pipe Track to Blinkwater ravine.  

Overview: Cool pleasant route in summer. Can be done in winter, but not a good idea.

Key Statistics
Grade:  3 **** Lower rock pitch is compulsory, but the upper one can be bypassed
Height gain:  690m: from 290m on Pipe Track to 980m where meets 'Snakes and Ladders path
Time:  4 hrs up, 2-3 down depending on route and length of tea and lunch stops

Route Description: The climb starts out of Blinkwater ravine, and the bottom tricky pitch in the stream bed is avoided on the buttress out left. Near the top of the route there are 3 options. The original is shown, or via Blinkwater ravine North branch (often wet) or via a bushy traverse to the head of Blinkwater.