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Disa Gorge (People's Path)

Ring road from Constantia Nek 
Original Disa stream 

Woodhead Dam overflow

Bypass bridge 
Steps out at head of Gorge 
Location: Orange Kloof 

Overview: Easy going the first half on a road, and the second half a good path.

Key Statistics
Grade:  1 ****
Height gain:  500m: from 230m to 730m
Time:  3 hrs up, 3 down depending on route

Route Description: With your permit in your hand (according to the SAN Parks sign at Constantia Nek) follow the ring road to a pleasant stop at the Original Disa Stream that comes down from the De Villiers Reservoir, then round the amphitheater behind the Back Table until an HT sign post (Hoerikwaggo Trail) indicates to leave the road and follow the path on the right hand side of the gorge until below the Woodhead Dam wall. Here steep steps lead up on the left hand side to finish at the left end of the Dam Wall. Note that during winter and after heavy rains if the Dam is full the overflow may cause a waterfall on the top section of the path. Therefore there is a bridge down across the river bed just before the waterfall, and a bushy bypass to avoid this.