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Newlands (East)

 Map Ref East side of Table Mountain
[A] Constantia Corner
 2 **
[B] Agatha's Gully  3 ***
[C] Spilhaus Buttress  4 ***
[D] Cecilia Ravine  2 **
[E] Cecilia Ridge  2 **
[F] Nursery Ravine  1 *
[G] Nursery Buttress  4 ***
[H] Skeleton Gorge  2 **
[I] Window Gorge  5 **
[J] Finesteraar Crack  5 ***
[K] Erica Buttress  3 *
[L] Hiddingh Ascension  4 ***
[M] Ascension Traverse  4 ***
[N] Carrell's Ledge  3 ***
[O] Els Buttress  4 **
[P] Newlands Ravine  1 *
[Q] Dark Gorge  3 **
[R] Newlands Forest  1 **
In TM East Klaassens Buttress
 5 ***

The East side of Table Mountain, also known as the Newlands or Kirstenbosch side, has fewer routes to the top than the West side but does have some of the most popular and widely used routes, including the Jeep track up from Constantia Nek, and Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge from Kirstenbosch. It also has the route with the greatest vertical ascent on Table Mountain - Hiddingh Ascension climbs 1000m from 100m in Newlands Forest to 1100m at Maclears Beacon. 

There are also a wide range of easy routes wandering through Newlands and Cecilia Forests.  These are not described.  See the relevant TM map if you want to explore these. A few of the paths are shown on the Mountain Meanders maps to illustrate the most direct way to a scrambling route, but there are often many alternatives.  Have fun finding them! 

The contour path running 14km from Constantia Nek through Cecilia Forest, above Kirstenbosch and through Newlands Forest to Rhodes Memorial (and beyond) is a also a popular route with many options. It can be done in either direction and has numerous access points so any section of the path can be walked. The contour path is also the main access route to virtually all the routes listed here.  The entire contour path and all the paths leading up to it are Grade 0. 

Dogs: This area is popular for dog walkers and the forest trails provide pleasant dog walking terrain. However, of the Grade 2 routes, only Cecelia Ridge is suitable for dogs (and maybe Constantia Corner).  None of the Grade 3 or higher walks are suitable.  Even Nursery Ravine, although only a Grade 1, has a ladder at the top which would be impossible for most dogs unless you can carry them.

Tree felling 2010/2011 and beyond: All the pine forests in Cecilia are being progressively felled and some areas may be closed from time to time. Check locally and take an alternative route if felling is in progress. Be especially careful if descending into an area where felling is taking place as not all entry points may be signposted. 
TM East Google Map (select either Map, Terrain or Satellite view, pan and zoom or click to expand to full map)
The parking locations are marked accurately so zoom in and switch to Map view if you need to see where these are.