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India-Venster 'B'

Location: Starts behind the Lower Cable Station as a clear track that mostly follows the line of the cables up the front of the mountain. 

Overview: In spite of all the warning signs that this is not an easy way up or down, it gets attempted by the hordes of locals and visitors either because it is so visible and seems the direct way to the top, or because the Cable Car is not operating. In recent times the one awkward rock section has been secured with stainless steel staples and chains, but there are still many other tricky rock steps that makes this route 'B' scrambling and not a walk. 

Key Statistics
Grade:  3/4 **** rock scrambling
Height gain: +/-700mfrom approx 350m to 1040m
Time: 2-4 hrs up, and 2-3 down depending on fitness and the weather.

Route Description:

Start at the path behind the Lower Cable Station (on the right hand side) and follow it up to the Contour Path. Here you will find a sign pointing the way to Platteklip Gorge and the Lower Cable Station, the India Venster Route starts behind this sign. The path ascends to the right to reach a open gully. Ascend the gully. The "Venster" can be seen on your left as an rectangular gap in the buttress a little way up the gully. Close to the top of the gully the path forks, take the left-hand path that leads to a platform on top of the middle section of Venster Buttress.

Looking up you will see a large amphitheatre extending out to the left, in the middle of India Ravine. Startup the path on the right side of the amphitheatre and traverse across it, aiming for the extreme left hand corner of the amphitheatre. The latter part of the amphitheatre traverse include three rock steps.

This brings you at the base of a 60m rock pitches in a broken up section just to the right of the Arrow Buttress ridge. This scrambling section is fitted with staples and chains, which makes the section significantly easier. At the top of scramble you emerge from a narrow gully / chimney.

here the path is clear, it ascends diagonally right to a grassy terrace which leads leftwards to join up with the ledge below Arrow Final (the high face below the cableway). From here skirt right, around Arrow Final to join Fountain Ledges on the Atlantic side, which will take you to the top (via one rock pitch).

Warning signs on this route:

On the Contour path
At the staples and chains
Near top of Platteklip