Messages from the Gospels

Parable of Ten Virgins/Blessedness

Parables of two sons/Wicked vinedressers/Wedding Feast/Parable of Talents/Parable of faithful and evil servant/ The richman and Lazarus

Four types of sowings in God's vineyard

Do we love God and our neighbour?*Jesus in the wilderness

Who is a New Testament Minister?/A Voice in the wilderness

Significance of Lord's prayer*Parable of counting the cost to build a tower?

Cast the net on right side/Come & Dine/Jesus rebukes tempest/Rise and walk/Take up your bed/Five loaves and two fishes/The lord needs you

Lesson from Fig Tree/Prayers of Pharisee and Publican

Jesus cleansing the Temple*Do we question the authority of Jesus?* The widow's mite

Labour not for the meat that perisheth!

Message from the Mount of Transfiguration!

John have I beheaded but who is this!

A message to the self-appointed prophet!

How do we love Jesus and His Body, the Church?

Woe unto Chorazin and Bethsaida/Woe unto Scribes and Pharisees seeking uppermost places/Jesus Laments over Jerusalem/Tributes to Caesar and God

Preparation for the passover* Lord's supper* Jesus washes feet of disciples*Jesus intercedes for His disciples*Jesus predicts Peter's denial *Judas denies Jesus*Praetorium*Afflictions of the Body of Christ

Jesus faces Sanhedrin*They parted My garments*Do not weep for Jesus*They gave Him vinegar*Multitudes followed Jesus*Simon was compelled to carry His Cross*Golgotha, the place of skull*King on the Cross*Seven verses from the Cross*

Jesus heals by a touch*Jesus heals in a new way*Miracle in Cana

Message of Father/Anointing of Jesus

Sign of end of age/Prophecies of Jesus/Abomination of desolation/Great tribulation/Second Advent

The disciple after death/Woman, why weepest thou?/Why seek ye the living among the dead?

Spiritual dangers when we are blessed

Rachel wept for her children!/Vision of the Manger and of the inn/An unusual Christmas in an unusual war

Feed My Sheep *Are you willing to follow Jesus today?

You cannot serve God and mammon/A corn of wheat falls and dies

The priest and the Levite passed by on the other side!

Are you a prodigal son?*Parable of kingdom of God*Parable of beggar in King's palace

The pool at Bethesda, the place of LOST and LAST hope