Sadhu Sundar Singh in America and England 

Messages concerning false doctrines

*Ministry of Holy Spirit*Aberrations in Prophetic Ministry*Lord's Table*Visit to Holy Land*Marriage and Divorce

*False/Prosperity Gospel

*Gospel of grace or Religious Law?/Does God judges His Church?

*Can we judge God's elect?

*A Fiction: Satan's Darbar on God's vineyard

*Man Child Company/Babylon is fallen!

*False doctrine of "once saved, always saved"

*False doctrines: Anointing of the Holy Spirit

*The great lie of the father of lies propagated thru' The Da Vinci Code exposed!

*Vision of a platter containing money and truth

*A great lesson through two parallel lines

*The Historicity of the New Testament

* Prosperity Gospel : A Gospel of the Antichrist

* Jesus in the American Prison - a fiction

Apostate Church : The Church in prophetic perspective

* Discerning false prophets

Christian Pimps - a Hard word

The trial of a Pastor on Tithes

False doctrine of celebration of Jewish Feasts