Revival Messages

*Revival Through Prophecy*Revival on Third Day

*Prayers for Revival*Why does revival tarry?*Fire of Revival

*Revival on Third Day*Restoration of Temple

*Revival at Mizpeh - Restoration of Ark of God to Israel

*Relationship Of Revival And Evangelism

*Revival is the result of a price paid

*Call of the Cross

*To A New Level Of Christian Living

*For a true revival, let us follow the footsteps of John Hyde, the apostle of prayer

*The price and power of Revival

*Violent groans and cries of travailing prayer

All hindrances to revival in the church are due to sin

*Wilt Thou not revive us again*Who is a true prophet?

*Preparation for revival - Knowing God

*The revival we need

*When will there be revival?

* Revival is the result of a price paid

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