Rhema Vs Logos

Please read this wonderful message delivered by Pastor Paul Yong Gi Cho of South Korea

The spoken word has powerful creativity, and its proper use is vital to a victorious Christian life. This spoken word, however, must have a correct basis to be truly effective. The principle for discovering the correct basis for the spoken word is one of the most important portions of God's truth. It is concerning this topic that I want to share with you now.

Faith in God's Word: Problems and Productivity.

One day, a lady on a stretcher was carried into my office. She was paralysed from her neck down, and could not even move her fingers. As she was being carried into my office on a stretcher, I began to feel a strange sensation. It felt as if my heart was being troubled. Just as there was expectancy by the pool of Bethesda, I knew that something was going to happen. I went beside her stretcher, and when I looked into her eyes, I realized the faith to be healed: not a dead faith, but a living faith. I touched her forehead with my hand and said, "Sister, in the name of Jesus Christ, be healed." Instantly, the power of God came, and she was healed. She stood up from her stretcher, thrilled, frightened and amazed.

She later came to my house bringing gifts, and after entering my study, she asked, "Could I please close the door?" "Yes," I replied. "Close the door." Then she knelt down before me, still amazed that she had been healed, and said, "Sir, please reveal yourself to me. Are you the second incarnate of Jesus?" I laughed, "Dear sister, you know that I eat three meals a day, go to the bathroom, and sleep every night. I am as human as you are, and the only way I have salvation is through Jesus Christ."

The woman received such a miraculous healing that word of it instantly spread. Soon afterward, one rich woman came to the church, also being carried in by a stretcher. She had been a Christian for a long time and a deaconess in the church. She had memorized scripture after scripture regarding divine healing: "I am the Lord that healeth thee" (Exodus 15:26); "With His stripes we are healed" (Isaiah 53:5); "He Himself took our infirmities, and bore our sicknesses" (Matthew 8:17); "And these signs shall follow then that believe…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" (Mark 16:17-18). So I prayed for her with all my might, but nothing happened. Then I shouted, repeating the same prayers for healing. I
used the Word of God, and I even jumped, but nothing happened. I asked her to stand up by faith. Many times she would stand, but the moment I took my hand away, she would fall down like a piece of dead wood. Then I would say, "Have more faith and stand up." Again, she would stand up, and again she would fall down. She would then claim to me that she had all the faith in the world, but her faith never would work.

I became quite depressed, and eventually she began to cry. She claimed, "Pastor, you are prejudiced. You loved that other woman so much that you healed her. But you don't really love me. So I am still sick. You are prejudiced." "Sister," I replied, "I have done everything. You saw me. I have prayed, I have cried, I have jumped, I have shouted. I did everything that a Pentecostal preacher can do, but nothing happened, and I can't understand it." In my church, this bothersome problem of one being healed while another remains ill has not limited itself to this one situation. World famous evangelists have come to my church and enthusiastically
preached, "Everyone of you is going to be healed! Everyone of you!" They poured out words of faith, and many people would receive healing. But then they would leave, receiving all the glory, and I would be left to contend with those not healed. These people would come to me, discouraged and cast down, and say, "We are not healed. God has given up on us; we are completely forgotten. Why should we continue to struggle to come to Jesus Christ and believe?" I then travailed and cried, "Why Father? Why should it be like this? God, please give me the answer, a very clear-cut answer."

And He did. So now I would like to share this answer with you, and some realizations that led me to this understanding. People think that they can believe on the Word of God. They can. But they fail to differentiate between the Word of God which gives general knowledge about God, and the Word of God which God uses to impart faith about specific circumstances into a man's heart. It is this latter type of faith which brings miracles.

In the Greek language there are two different words for 'word', logos and rhema. The world was created by the Word, logos, of God. Logos is the general Word of God, stretching from Genesis to Revelation, for all these books directly or indirectly tell about the Word, Jesus Christ. By reading the logos from Genesis to Revelation, you can receive all the knowledge you need to know about God and His promises; but just by reading you do not receive faith. You have received knowledge and understanding about God, but you do not receive faith. Romans 10:17 shows us that the material used to build faith is more than just reading God's Word: "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." In this scripture, 'word' is not logos, but rhema. Faith specifically comes by hearing the rhema. In his Greek lexicon, Dr Ironside has defined logos as "the said Word of God," and rhema as "the saying Word of God." Many scholars define this action of rhema as being the Holy Spirit using a few verses of scripture and quickening it personally to one individual person. Here is my definition of rhema: rhema
is a specific word to a specific person in a specific situation.

Once in Korea a lady by the name of Yun Hae Kyung had a tremendous youth meeting on Samgak Mountain. She had a great ministry. When she stood up and people came forward, they would fall down, slain under the power of the Holy Spirit. Many young people would flock to her meeting, and when she held a youth campaign on Samgak Mountain, thousands of young people came to join in.

During the week of the youth campaign it rained heavily, and all the rivers overflowed. A group of young people wanted to go to the town on the opposite side of the river, where the meetings were being held. But when they came to the bank of the river, it was flooded. There was not a bridge or a boat to be seen, and most of them became discouraged. But three girls got together and said, "Why can't we just wade through the water? Peter walked on the water, and Peter's God is our God, Peter's Jesus is our Jesus, and Peter's faith is our faith. Peter believed, and we should do all the more. We are going to go over this river!" The river was completely flooded, but these three girls knelt down and held hands together, quoting the scriptures containing the story of Peter walking on the water, and they claimed they could believe in the same way. Then, in the sight of the rest of their group, they shouted and began to wade through the water. Immediately, they were swept away by an angry flood, and after three days, their dead bodies were found in the open sea.

This incident caused repercussions throughout Korea. Non-Christian newspapers carried the story, making headlines of it: "Their God Could Not Save Them"; "Why Did God Not Answer Their Prayer of Faith?" So unbelievers had a real heyday as a result of this occurrence, and the Christian church experienced a slump, feeling depressed and discouraged, having no adequate answer. This became a topic of discussion all over Korea, and many previously good Christians lost their faith. They would say, "These girls believed exactly as our ministers have taught: they exercised their faith. From the platform our pastors constantly urge the people to boldly exercise their faith in the Word of God. These girls did just that, so why didn't God answer? Jehovah God must not be a living God. This must just be a formalistic religion we have been involved in."

What kind of answer would you give to these people? Those girls have believed. They had exercised faith based on the Word of God. But God had no reason to support their faith. Peter never walked on the water because of logos, which gives general knowledge about God. Peter required that Christ give a specific word to him: Peter asked, "Lord, if you are Jesus, command me to come." Jesus replied, "Come." The word Christ gave to Peter was not logos, but rhema. He gave a specific word, "Come", to a specific person, Peter, in a specific situation, a storm. Rhema brings faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by rhema. Peter never walked on the water by knowledge of God alone. Peter had rhema. But these girls had only logos, a general knowledge of God, and in this case, the working of God through Peter. They exercised human faith on logos: that was their mistake. God, therefore, had no responsibility to support their faith, and the difference between the way these girls exercised faith and the way Peter exercised faith is as the difference between night and day.

Two years ago, two Bible school graduates failed completely in their first venture into the ministry. These two fellows had been disciples of mine. They listened to my lectures, they came to my church and learned in concept the principles of faith. They began their first venture into the ministry with what seemed to be a great deal of faith, clinging to such scriptures as: "Open your mouth wide and I will fill it" (Psalm 81:10); "If ye ask anything in My name, I will do it" (John 14:14). They went to a bank and made a large loan. Then they went to a rich man and made another large loan. With this money they bought land and built a beautiful sanctuary – without even having a congregation. They began preaching, expecting the people to flock in by the hundreds, and their debts to be paid; but nothing like that happened. One of these young ministers had borrowed approximately $30,000, the other about $50,000, Soon their creditors came to collect their payments, and these young men were cornered in a terrible situation,
arriving at a point where they were near to losing their faith in God. Then they both came to me.

They cried, "Pastor Cho, why is your God and our God different? You started with $2,500, and now you have completed a five million dollar project. We went out and built things which cost only a total of $80,000. Why wouldn't God answer us? We believed in the same God, and we exercised the same faith. So why hasn't He answered?" Then they started quoting scriptures containing promises from the Old Testament and New Testament, adding, "We did exactly as you taught and we failed." Then I replied, "I am glad that you have failed after hearing my word. Surely you are my disciples, but you have not been the disciples of Jesus Christ. You misunderstood my teachings. I started my church because of rhema, not just logos. God spoke clearly to my heart, saying, "Rise up, go out and build a church which will seat 10,000 people. God imparted His faith to my heart, and I went out and a miracle occurred. But you went out just with logos, a general knowledge about God and His faith. God therefore has no responsibility to support you, even though your ministry was for the Lord Jesus Christ."

Brothers and sisters, through logos you can know God. You can gain understanding and knowledge about Him. But logos does not always become rhema. Suppose a sick man were to have gone to the pool of Bethesda and said to those around it, "You foolish fellows, why are you waiting here? This is always the same pool in the same location with the same water. Why should we wait here day after day? I'm just going to jump in to wash myself." Then he might have dived in and washed himself. But if he were to come out of the water, he might not have been healed. It was only after the angel of the Lord came and troubled the water that the people could jump in, wash, and be healed. Yet, it was the same pool of Bethesda, at the same location, with the same water. Only when the water was troubled by God's angel could a miracle occur. Rhema is produced out of logos. Logos is like the pool of Bethesda. You may listen to the Word of God and you may study the Bible, but only when the Holy Spirit comes and quickens a scripture or scriptures to your heart, burning them in your soul and letting you know that they apply directly to your specific situation, does logos become rhema.

Logos is given to everybody. Logos is common to Koreans, Europeans, Africans and Americans. It is given to all so that they may gain knowledge about God; but rhema is not given to everyone. Rhema is given to that specific person who is waiting upon the Lord until the Holy Spirit quickens logos into rhema. If you never have time to wait upon the Lord, then the Lord can never come and quicken the needed scripture to your heart. This is a busy age. People come to church and are entertained. They hear a short sermon and are dismissed, without having any time of waiting upon the Lord. They get the logos, but since they do not receive rhema, they miss out on seeing the miraculous workings of God, and begin to doubt His power. People must come to the main sanctuary, listen attentively to the preacher, and wait upon the Lord. But they do not come and listen prayerfully to the preacher, waiting upon the Lord to receive rhema; therefore, they cannot receive the faith they need for the solutions to their problems. Their knowledge of the Bible increases as their problems increase, and though they come to church, nothing happens. So they begin to fall away and lose faith.

Another problem with many churches in this active age is that ministers are busy with too many matters. They spend hours and hours as a janitor, financier, constructor, and contractor, going in a hundred different directions. By Saturday, they are so tired that they fumble around trying to find some logos to preach on. They are so tired that they have no time to wait upon the Lord, no time to change the green grass into white milk. Their congregations are simply fed grass, and not given the milk of the Word. This is a grave mistake. Lay persons are not the preacher's enemies, but his friends. As did the apostles, so should the minister concentrate on prayer and the ministering of the Word of God, delegating any other type of work to his deacons, deaconesses and other lay leaders. I follow this pattern in my church, and I dare not go up to the platform without first waiting upon the Lord and receiving the rhema God would have me give for that message. If I do not receive rhema, I will not go to the platform. So
I go up to Prayer Mountain on Saturday, crawl into a grotto, close the door, and wait there until the Holy Spirit comes and give me the needed rhema. Sometimes I stay the whole night through, during that time praying, "Lord, tomorrow the people are coming with all kinds of problems – sickness, disease, family problems, problems in business – every type of problem that can be imagined. They are coming not only to hear general knowledge about You, but they are also coming to receive real solutions to their problems. If we don't give them a living faith, rhema, then they are going to go back home without receiving their solutions. I need to have a specific message for specific people at a specific time." Then I wait until God gives me that message.

When coming to the platform, I march in like a general, knowing that the message I preach is under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. After I preach, people in the congregation come to me and say, "Pastor, you preached exactly the word I needed. I've got faith that my problem will be solved." This is because I helped supply to them the rhema. Brothers and sisters, we are not building a holy country club in the church; we deal rather with matters of life and death. If the pastor does not supply rhema to his people, then you have just a religious social club. In the social world already one can see organizations such as Kiwanis Clubs and Rotary Clubs, and their members pay a type of tithes, too. The churches we build should be places where people get their solutions from the Lord, receive miracles for their lives, and can gain not just knowledge about God but get to know Him in a vital way. In order to do this, the pastor must first receive rhema. Christians should be given time to wait upon the Lord, so that the Holy Spirit can have a full opportunity to deal with their lives and inspire them through the Scripture. The Holy Spirit can take Scripture, the "said Word" of God, and apply it to a person's heart, making it the "saying Word" of God. The logos then become rhema.

Now I can tell you why so many people cannot receive healing. All the promises are potentially yours – not literally – yours. Never simply pick a promise out of God's Word and say, " Oh, this is mine; I will repeat it over and over again. This is mine, this is mine!" NO! It is potentially yours, yes, but make it yours in practical reality by waiting upon the Lord. Before the Lord quickens a scripture to an individual, the Lord has many things to do. The Lord wants to cleanse your life and make you surrender to Him, the Lord will never give you promises promiscuously. As the Lord deals with you, take time to wait upon Him; confessing your sins, and surrendering your life to Him. When these conditions are met, then the power of God comes. Your heart – like the pool of Bethesda – is troubled by a particular scripture; and you know that its promise is yours, and you have the faith to bring about the needed miracle. God's Uppermost Goal. The healing of the physical body is not the Spirit's ultimate goal. You must know where the priority lies. His ultimate goal is the healing of our souls. When God deals with you, He always deals with you through the healing of your soul. If your soul is not right with God, no amount of prayer, shouting or jumping will bring the rhema of healing to you. You must first get right with the Lord. Confess your sins, apply the blood of Jesus Christ, be saved and receive eternal life; then the Holy Spirit is going to prick your heart with a scripture of divine healing, inspire you and give you the rhema you need. But in order for this to happen, you must
wait on the Lord.

Divine healing is all according to God's sovereign will. Sometimes a person receives healing instantly; another person must wait a longer time. One of our church's finest deacons became ill; this deacon gave everything to the Lord, loving God, and working for the Lord in an amazing way. He was told that he had a growth inside his body and that the doctor wanted to operate. But everybody in my church knew that God was going to heal him, for he was a tremendous saint with great faith. This was their reasoning. I prayed for his healing. All of our then 40,000 members prayed, storming the Throne of Grace. And that deacon claimed the healing. But nothing happened. He became worse and worse. Eventually, he bled so badly he was carried to the hospital and operated on. Many of my members were worried, and they complained, "Where is God? Why is God treating him like this?" But I praised God, for I knew that He had some specific purpose in what was happening. When he was hospitalized in the ward he began to preach the Gospel to all the people with whom he made contact. Soon the whole hospital knew that there was a living Jesus, His representative right in their
hospital. The doctors, nurses, and all the patients daily became saved. Then our members rejoiced, saying, "Praise God. It was far better for him to be in the hospital than to be divinely healed immediately." God showed that His priority was the eternal healing of souls rather than the earthly healing of the physical.

When there is pain and suffering, we are apt to claim deliverance. But this we should not do. If your suffering should bring about redemptive grace, or if your suffering becomes the channel for the flowing of God's grace, then your suffering has been God-appointed. If, however, your suffering becomes invalid and starts to destroy you, then this is from satan, and you should pray through and rid yourself of it. I will relay to you one case in which God did not deliver people from their suffering. It was during the Korean War when 500 ministers were captured and immediately shot to death, and two thousand churches were destroyed. The Communists were vicious to the ministers. One minister's family was captured in Inchon, Korea, and the Communist leaders put them on what they called a 'People's Trial'. The,accusers would say, "One man is guilty of causing this kind of sin, and for that kind of sin it is proper that he be punished." The only response then given would be a chorus of voices agreeing, "Yah, yah!" This time they dug a large hole, putting the pastor, his wife, and several of his children in.
The leader then spoke, "Mister, all these years you mislead the people with the superstition of the Bible. Now if you will publicly disclaim it before these people, and repent for this misdemeanor, then you, your wife, and your children will be freed. But if you persist in your superstitions, all of your family is going to be buried alive. Make a decision!" All of his children then blurted out, "Oh daddy! Daddy! Think of us! Daddy!" Think of it. If you were in his place, what would you do? I am the father of three children, and would almost feel like going to hell rather than see my children killed.

This father was shaken. He lifted up his hand and said, "Yes, yes, I'll do it. I am going to denounce…my…" But before he could finish his sentence, his wife nudged him, saying, "Daddy! Say NO!" "Hush children," she said. "Tonight we are going to have supper with the King of kings, the Lord of lords." She led them in singing 'In the Sweet By and By,' her husband and children following, while the Communists began to bury them. Soon the children were buried, but until the soil came up to their necks they sang, and all the people watched. God did not deliver them, but almost all of those people who watched this execution became Christians, many now members of my church. Through their suffering the grace of redemption flowed. God gave His only begotten Son to be crucified on the cross so that this world could be saved and redeemed. That is God's uppermost goal – the redemption of souls. So when you desire divine healing, or an answer from above, always focus through the lenses of the uppermost goal, the redeeming of souls. If you see that your suffering brings about more redemption than your healing, then do not ask for deliverance, but ask God to give you strength to persevere. To discern between suffering brought by satan that God would rather deliver, and suffering that God would use to bring about the flow of redemptive grace, is not always easy. To make this kind of decision you need to wait upon the Lord, and to know the will of the Lord.

Do not become discouraged, and go around receiving prayer from one famous
evangelist and then another. But through your prayer, fasting and faith,
let God show you His will. When the Holy Spirit quickens the logos of
scripture to you, a miraculous faith is imparted to your heart. You know
that the scripture no longer belongs to the "said word" of God, but is
instantly the "saying word" of God for you. You must then stand upon that
word, and go ahead and do it, even though your life is pitch dark, once you
receive the rhema do not be frightened. Just go ahead and walk on the
water, and you will see a miracle.

Be careful, however, not to move ahead of God. Many people do move ahead of
God, even as did Paul, in his eagerness to bring the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Jesus Christ had commanded that we go to the ends of the world and
preach the Gospel; so Paul went out on the logos, and headed for Asia. But
the Spirit of Jesus Christ did not permit him to go there. Then Paul said,
"I will go to Bithynia." But again the Spirit of the Lord said, "NO." Paul
and his company then went down to Troas, an unknown city. We can imagine
his wanderings there, that he was confused, thinking to himself, "I was
obeying the command of Jesus. Jesus said to go to the ends of the world and
preach the Gospel. Why am I such a failure?" But as he was praying and
waiting upon the Lord, he received the rhema, and a man from Macedonia
appeared in a vision and said, "Come into Macedonia and help us!" So he
took a boat and crossed over to Europe. Though Paul's example we can again
see the difference between logos and rhema. Receiving Rhema People have
come to me and commented, "Brother Cho, I can pray through about the
various promises from the scriptures, and I can wait until the Holy Spirit
quickens and applies them to me. But how can I get rhema about choosing a
husband, or a wife? I read all the scriptures, but the Bible does not say
whether I should go marry Elizabeth, Mary or Joan. How can I get the rhema
about this? Also, the Bible does not say that you should go and live in
Lakeland, Los Angeles, or in some northern area. How can I receive God's
will about that?" These are legitimate questions. Let me show you the five
steps I use to get the rhema about these types of questions.

Neutral Gear

The first step is to put myself in neutral gear – not forward
or backward, but completely calm in my heart. Then I wait upon the Lord,
saying, "Lord, I'm here, I will listen to your voice. If you say 'yes', I
will go; if you say 'no', I'm not going. I don't wish to make decisions for
my own benefit, but to decide according to your desire. Whether it becomes
good for me, or bad for me, I'm ready to accept your guidance. With this
attitude I wait upon the Lord. Many times the best action to take is to
fast and pray, for if you eat too much you get so tired that you cannot
pray. Then, if you know that you are really calmed down, you come to the
second step.

Divine Desire

The second thing I do is ask the Lord to reveal His will though my desires. God always comes to you through your sanctified desire. "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart" (Psalm 37:4). "The desire of the righteous shall be granted" (Proverbs 10:24). "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them" (Mark 11:24). Desire, then, is one of God's focusing points. Moreover, Philippians 2:13 reads, "For it is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure." Through the Holy Spirit God puts in your heart the desire, making you to will to do His will. So pray to the Lord, "Lord, now give me the desire according to Your will." Pray through and wait upon the Lord until God gives you divine
desire. As you pray many desires, beautiful desires, will probably flow in. In your praying, then, also have the patience to wait for God's desire to settle in. Do not stand up and say, "Oh, I've got everything," and rush away. Wait upon the Lord a little longer. Desires can be given from satan, from your own spirit, or from the Holy Spirit. Time is always the test. If you wait patiently your own desire and desires from satan will become increasingly weaker, but the desire from the Holy Spirit becomes stronger and stronger. So wait, and receive the divine desire.

Scriptural Screening

After my desire becomes very clear-cut, then I proceed to step three: I compare this desire with Biblical teaching. One day a lady came up to me. All excited, she said, "Oh, Pastor Cho, I am going to support your ministry with a large amount of money." "Praise God," I exclaimed. "Have a seat and tell me about this." She explained, "I have a fantastic desire to go into business. This business deal is going on, and if I join in I think I can make big money." "What kind of business is it?" I asked. She replied, "I have a burning desire to get a monopoly on the
cigarette business. Tobacco, you know." "Forget about it," I retorted. "But
I have the desire!" she said. "The burning desire, just like you've preached about." "That desire is from your own flesh," I replied. "Have you ever gone through the Bible to see if what you would be doing is scriptural? Your desire must be screened through the scripture," I instructed her. "The Bible says that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). If God ever wanted His people to smoke, then He would have made our noses differently. Smoke stacks are supposed to be open upward to the sky, and not downward. Think about the nose; it is not pointing upward, but downward. God did not purpose that people smoke, because our smoke stacks are upside down. The Holy Spirit's dwelling is
your body. If you pollute it with smoke, then you are polluting the temple
of the Holy Spirit with smoke. Your desire is out of the will of God. It would be best if you just forget about this new business." One man came to me and said, "Pastor, I've struck up a friendship with a beautiful woman, a widow. She is sweet, beautiful and wonderful, and when I pray, I have a burning desire to marry her. But I also have my wife and children." "Look," I replied, "you forget about this, because it's from the devil." "Oh, no, no. This is not from the devil," he disagreed. "When I prayed the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart and told me that my original wife was not exactly the right kind of rib to fit into my side. My present wife is always a thorn in my flesh. The Holy Spirit spoke and said that this widow is my lost rib, which will fit exactly into my side." I told him, "That is not from the Holy Spirit. That's from the devil's spirit." Many people make this kind of mistake. If they pray against the written Word of God, then the devil will speak. The Holy Spirit will never contradict God's written Word. That man did not listen to me, and he divorced his wife and he married that widow. He is now of all men the most miserable. He found out that his second rib was even worse than his first. So all our desires should be carefully screened with Scripture. If you do not have the
self-confidence to do this yourself, then go to your minister or pastor.

A Beckoning Signal

After I screen my desire through the written Word, the teachings of God, then I am ready for step four: to ask God for a beckoning signal from my circumstances. If God truly has spoken to your heart, then He is bound to give you a signal from the outside external world. When Elijah prayed seven times for rain, he received a signal from the eastern sky – a patch as large as a man's fist, a cloud, appeared. Gideon also provides us with an example, for he, too, asked for a sign. And God would always show me a sign from my circumstances; sometimes this sign is very
small, but it still was a sign.

Divine Timing

After I have received a sign, then I take the final step: I pray until I know God's timing. God's timing is different from our timing. You must pray until you have a real peace, for peace is like the chiefumpire.

If after you pray you still feel a restlessness in your spirit, then the timing is not proper. That means there is still a red light; so keep praying and waiting. When the red light is switched off and you see the green light, peace will come into your heart. Then you should jump up and go. Go then with full speed, with God's blessings and God's rhema. Miracle after miracle will follow you.

All though life I have carried out and conducted my business by using these
five steps. So far God has always confirmed this way of walking with signs
and miracles following. These results must show clearly the difference
between logos and rhema. In the future you need no longer be confused about
the promises of God. No amount of claiming, travailing, jumping, or
shrieking will convince Him. God is going to convince you Himself by
imparting His faith into your heart. The English translation of Mark
11:22-23 says that you should have faith in God and then you would be able
to command a mountain to be removed and cast into the sea. The Greek,
however, says that you should have the faith of God. How can you have the
faith of God? When you receive the rhema the faith given is not your own;
it is imparted faith that God has given you. After receiving this imparted
faith, then you can command mountains to be removed. Without receiving
God's faith you cannot do this. If for no other reasons, you should
carefully study the Bible – Genesis to Revelation – in order to give the
Holy Spirit the material with which He needs to work. Then when you wait
upon the Lord, the Holy Spirit will impart His faith to you. Great miracles
will follow you as you act on this faith, miracles in your ministry and in
your home. So wait upon the Lord; never consider it a waste of time. When
God speaks to your heart He can in one second do far greater things than
you could do in one entire year. Wait upon the Lord, and you will see great
things accomplished.