Elijah and Elisha

The Lord's Throne in the vision of Ezekiel

A great truth through the game of Snake and Ladder

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Talitha cumi! : Damsel, I say unto thee, arise!

Seek the gift of the word of wisdom

Let us seek sound wisdom and discretion

Rhema Vs Logos by Paul Yangi Gi Cho 

Paradise for sale*Scripture free sermons

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The call of the blacksmiths

Are you in the majority or in the minority?

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Global Holy Spirit Revival Movement

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The pool at Bethesda, the place of LOST and LAST hope

Spiritual deception

Satan tips for ministry success

Spiritual disscerment of idols in ministries

Prophetic dream about a pastor of a megachurch in India and of his two sons

Prophetic dream of travelling in a sub-urban train and in a bus

Vision about a dead Christian in India

Dream on the Antichrist - a revelation

Prophetic dream on two categories of ministers and on the Lord

Five Prophetic Visions seen by a minister in US

Visions on the glorious Church and on the roaring lion

Vision about a Pentecostal church

Vision about a truck with workers on board

Vision about the breakdown of a truck

Vision of worshiping God in an underground church

Vision about tea bushes in the midst of banana plantation

Vision about a building on fire

Vision about scientists at work

Vision about carrying a child being chased by an elephant

Vision about a cobra turning into a religious woman

Traditions of men - Blind leading the blind

Image of the beast from the book of the Revelation 

Seduction of God's servants by prophetess Jezebel

Flee from the molten calves in the house of God

False doctrines regarding visit to Jerusalem and false prophecies by false prophets

My own vision in 1981

Prophetic vision about a rainbow

Dream of a booth and a garden

Dream of an ocean and a hill

Dream: Red and white table cloths

Dream: Spiritual burglars in churches and ministries

Dreams on dying child, black goat, grey headed men

Dream on a sleeping baby and a pink lamb

Vision about chestnut colored horse

Visions about stars and a silver sword

Poisoning the minds of soldiers by a false gospel