How do I request to add a pet?

CLICK HERE: Add / Remove Pet Request Form

Adding a Pet

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To request a pet, please fill out the form below.

The process may vary if you are doing a private or shelter adoption. Please read the applicable section for your scenario.

Private adoption: Please provide a photo of the pet and vet papers showing age and weight of the animal. Vet papers must also include the vaccination records of the pet. You can provide these items to

Shelter adoption: If you already have a pet in mind, please share the information about the pet to Information includes vaccination records, photo of the pet, age, and approximate weight, if available. If the information is on the shelters website, you are welcome to send a link to the web page with the adoptable pet.

If you are just starting out the search and do not have a specific pet in mind, please provide us the type of animal, weight range (most applicable if it is a dog), and approximate age of pet you are hoping to adopt.

We will review your request as quickly as possible. The process may entail a review with the owner and/or an inspection of your unit.

If the request is approved, we will provide an addendum to the rental agreement to be signed. Please be aware there may be an increased deposit and/or additional monthly fee to add a pet to the home. If approved, an addendum to the rental agreement with the increased amount(s) will be sent to you through your Tenant Portal. You will be able pay the fees and sign the addendum online.

All parties (including co-signers, if applicable) must sign the addendum and then a member of our Team must counter-sign the addendum before the pet is authorized to be in the home.