What is a codebox and how does it work?

CodeBox Electronic Lockboxes are a secure and dependable tool used for providing access to properties.

Once you are qualified and selected for a property, you will be sent a codebox to access the unit.

You are responsible for ensuring that the property is locked and secure prior to putting the key back in the codebox.

Overview of Self-Access with Electronic Lockboxes

A quick explanation of self-access and how it is to everyone's advantage to use it.

What is self-access?

Providing a licensed Realtor, prospective tenant, or maintenance vendor access to a vacant rental when they need it is a very effective way to get rentals leased quickly. This is called self-access, and when done using our electronic lockboxes and one-time use codes it is both quick and secure.

How does self-access work?

We qualify prospective tenants against the leasing restrictions of each rental and also authorize Realtors and our maintenance vendors.

Only those who have been pre-qualified or pre-approved for entry into a rental are given an access code, and one-time use codes can used only once and only on the day for which they are generated.

  • Realtors can use a Realtor-only link provided through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to easily schedule a showing without having to call our office and coordinate a time.

  • Trusted maintenance vendors are selected by our staff and allowed to self-access vacant rentals without the need to come to the office and pick up a key.

  • Prospective tenants can schedule self-access to a vacant rental after they have provided verifiable contact information, qualified against the leasing restrictions we set (e.g. pet policy, income requirements, etc.), and provided a copy of their government issued ID.