Why was my application rejected?

We generally reject applications for two different reasons: you've had eviction proceedings filed against you before or your income isn't at least three times rent. When we reject your application, you should receive an email explaining our reason(s) - if our email does not reach you, please let us know and we will re-issue that explanation.

You can apply to other properties where you may qualify at rent.rpm101.com. If you have applied to a RPM property before, you have an RPM application in our system, which stores all your application information and makes applying to new properties a breeze!

Even if your application is qualified: RealPM.com does not guarantee that you will be offered the property for which you applied. Multiple applications are accepted for rental properties offered by our company. Applications are evaluated in the order that they are completed and ALL documentation has been received including referrals from current and past landlords. Factors which may affect an offer to rent include but are not limited to desired move in date, general qualifications of applicant and owner preferences regarding pets. QUALIFIED applicants who are not offered the property for which they applied may transfer their application to another property offered by RealPM.com for one year at no additional charge.

We would love to move everyone into their new home, but we only have so many homes to rent!