How do I Transfer utilities into my name?

Welcome to your new Home! If your lease requires that you pay for utilities, including Water, Sewer, Garbage, PGE, or Propane or anything else, you will have to contact the correct company and transfer utilities into your name prior to moving in or, if an exception is granted, within 5 days of moving in.

Note: Each city and utility company has a separate process to set up an account, so when in doubt, refer to the website for the specific utility company! See the below utility information. If your city is not on the list, you can find their website with a quick Google search!

Gas & Electric

Water & Sewer Department Transfer Instructions

Garbage Services


Only some properties utilize propane in the Humboldt County Area. Generally, these are rural properties outside of city limits. Please refer to your specific Propane Addendum for which company your property is to use, which can be accessed in your Lease on your Tenant Portal.