Is there an application fee?

Do I have to pay an application fee for each property I'm interested in?

Is there an application fee to be prequalified? No.

Is there an application fee to apply for a property? Yes.

Do I have to pay an application fee for each property I'm interested in? No.

Can I get a refund on the application fee? No.

RPM does not charge an initial fee for you to be pre-qualified! You can qualify yourself with the PreQualification Questions for free. If are prequalified, you can view the showing calendar to join a group showing.

You must have an Approved Application in order to have a private showing or to view an occupied property.

If you are prequalified, and are interested in a property after a showing, we do have a nonrefundable $42 App fee to cover additional screening and for the background check provider, Appfolio, to complete all items in our screening process: credit, eviction, and criminal background check. You can click the "Apply Now" button on any of our properties to begin the background screening process.

Note that after we conduct the screening for your first RPM property, we will keep your background check information on file, so you will not need to pay the $42 fee again for 12 months.

You can learn more about our screening criteria here.

We are committed to serving both our owners, tenants, and prospective tenants fairly and in accordance with California Laws and Regulations. In accordance with CA Civil code 1950.6 and based on the consumer price index in 2012, the maximum application fee allowable is $44.51. According to section b): The amount of the application screening fee shall not be greater than the actual out-of-pocket costs of gathering information concerning the applicant, including, but not limited to, the cost of using a tenant screening service or a consumer credit reporting service, and the reasonable value of time spent by the landlord or his or her agent in obtaining information on the applicant.

How we use your background screening fee of $42:

  • Third Party Payment Processing Fee $5

  • Consumer credit report including criminal history and eviction history: $ 15

  • Administrative processing: $ 17

  • Review by Senior Staff: $ 5

Do I have to pay an application fee for each property I'm interested in?

No, your one application is good for all properties under our management. You can email us at with your name and we'll switch your property of interest for you.