Can I meet with someone to go over why my application was denied?

We do not have meetings to review why applications were denied.

You will receive a letter confirming the reason your application was not qualified.

There are two main things you can do if you wish for us to reopen your application:

  1. You can contact Appfolio Consumer Relations to request a copy of your background screening report. Please visit to request a copy. You can then contact them if you wish to dispute information on your background screening report. You can them call toll-free: (866) 359-3630.

  2. You can write a letter of explanation detailing why there was an issue with your income, credit, rental history, or other disqualifying factor. You can email the letter to Support@RealHumboldt with a request to reopen your application for review.

  3. If your application was denied in part, or in full from a negative reference from a prior landlord or employer, RPM will not disclose details about what was reported, or from what party, other than stating that it was a negative reference.

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