How Do I Receive a Copy of My Background Screening Report?

Yes, Please visit to request a copy.

AppFolio Consumer Relations

AppFolio provides resident screening services to property managers. If you'd like a copy of your screening report, or if you believe there is an error on your report, our Consumer Relations team is here to help.

How Do I Receive a Copy of My Screening Report?

How Do I Dispute Information In My Screening Report?

To provide details of your request or dispute, please contact us in one of the following ways to enable us to begin the process:

  • Call us toll-free: (866) 359-3630

  • Upload information through our secure document transfer form []

  • Mail your request and details to:

    • Consumer Relations

    • 50 Castilian Drive

    • Goleta, CA 93117

  • Securely fax your request and details to: (866) 496-8077

We'll need to verify your identity—this ensures we won't ever discuss your private data with anyone other than you.

To help us expedite your request and to ensure we have all the correct information, we ask that you provide the following:

  • A copy of your government issued ID (Driver License, State ID card or US Passport)

  • A brief explanation of your request that includes:

  • Your full name (including middle if relevant)

  • Your current address

  • Your date of birth

  • Your social security number

  • Your contact number

  • Your email address (if this is a convenient way for us to communicate with you)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How can I obtain a copy of my resident screening report from AppFolio?

To receive a copy of your screening report, please follow the steps outlined above. This step ensures we will never share your private information with anyone other than you. We'll send you a copy of your screening report; you can expect to receive it within 10 business days of your request.

Q. Why does AppFolio Inc. appear as a credit inquiry on my credit report?

AppFolio, Inc. provides resident screening services to property management companies. Your credit report was accessed as part of a rental application. If you'd like more information or would like a copy of your report please see above.

Q. What if the information that appears on my screening report is incorrect?

AppFolio is dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date credit and background information. If you believe information in your screening report is incorrect, we encourage you to take the necessary steps to dispute the error. We're here to help and provide assistance throughout the process. Please complete the steps above to explain the error and start the dispute process.

Once we receive your request we will work with you and the furnisher of the data in question to complete an in-depth investigation. The investigation can take up to 30 days, and you'll be notified of the results. AppFolio, Inc. will remove any information determined incorrect from your screening report immediately.

Q. Where does AppFolio obtain information for my screening report?

AppFolio obtains credit information from the credit bureau Experian. Criminal and eviction data is pulled from hundreds of national, state and county courts across the United States.

Q. How can I reach AppFolio?

Consumer Relations

50 Castilian Drive

Santa Barbara, CA 93117


(866) 359-3630


(866) 496-8077


Note: we look forward to hearing from you via email, but we ask that you refrain from sending personally identifiable information or sensitive documents over email – specifically, please do not send your background report or social security number via unsecure email.

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