What does "Available TBD" followed by a month mean?


Available TBD means "The specific available date for move in is to be determined and is based on factors outside of our immediate control."

We have provided a month range because we do not have a specific available date for move in yet.

RPM's policy for marketing vacancies is to only provide a range until AFTER all of the following have been completed:

  1. Move Out Completed - The current Tenant has successfully vacated the unit. NOTE: It is possible for the current occupant to not vacant upon the scheduled move out date because it was extended or if they do not vacate on schedule and, if they are uncooperative, we may be required to perform an eviction which can significantly delay the availability of the property.

  2. Move Out Inspection Completed - A Move Out Inspection has been completed to verify the condition of the unit and determine the need for maintenance / repairs / upgrades.

  3. Make Ready Scheduled - All potential make ready repairs / upgrades have been firmly scheduled with the applicable vendor(s).

  4. Move In Inspection Scheduled - A Move In Inspection has been scheduled for AFTER all work has been completed to verify that the property is "Rent Ready."

  5. Lease Terms are confirmed - We have confirmed the final Lease Terms for the new Rental Agreement e.g. Rent, Deposit, Utilities, Amenities, etc.

Once the five items above are completed (1. Move Out Completed, 2. Move Out Inspection Completed, 3. Make Ready Scheduled, 4. Move In Inspection Scheduled, 5. Lease Terms are confirmed) , then we can set a specific available date for move in, but it still must be acknowledged by all parties that the Available date for move in date may change based on the accuracy of the schedule for make ready repairs being completed on time.

Can I still put down a deposit to secure a unit BEFORE the current Tenant has vacated?

Yes, fill out the Hold Deposit agreement acknowledging that we do not yet have a firm Available for Move In date and that the lease state date, rent rate, and other terms amenities are subject to change based on work performed after the Current Tenant vacates.