Why does my Tenant statement say I owe rent even though I paid my rent?

Your Tenant Statement may show a portion of your rent is still owed if there were other charges on your ledger that were paid first.

When you make a payment towards your account, that payment goes towards other charges first and then rent. Other charges may include utility fees, insurance, maintenance, etc. and payments go towards these charges before rent. If the payment does not cover the entire balance owed, then your Tenant Statement will show a portion of your rent still being due.

For example:

Let's say your rent is $1,225/month and you have a $12.50/month fee for insurance.

This brings your total balance owed to $1,237.50.

If you make a $1,225 payment, it will first pay the $12.50 insurance fee and then the remaining $1212.5 payment will go towards rent.

This leaves a rent balance owed of $12.50 on your Tenant Statement.

The Rental Agreement states, "Landlord may apply any payment made by Tenant to any obligation of Tenant to Landlord notwithstanding any dates or other direction from Tenant that accompanies any such payment. Any attempt by Tenant to allocate a payment in any other way shall be null and void. "

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