Why do you post ads on Craigslist if it's already rented?

We do not post ads to Craigslist, or any other location, for properties that are already rented with a deposit paid.

When we have an approved applicant, we update the listing to reflect this change so that interested parties can see that it's in a pending status. (Similar to how a home for sale may have a "Pending" sign up, but will still be listed "For Sale")

We do not remove the ad because often times the Approved Applicant, even though they are approved, will not actually secure the property with a deposit.

Transparency is very important to us, so as soon as we have an approval we update the listing to indicate that it is in a pending status. The image will be changed to indicate it has an approved applicant and we include the following copy:

"APPROVED APPLICANT! The approved applicant is being given the opportunity to secure this property with a deposit and sign a lease. The property will remain marketed until the property is officially unavailable because it has been secured with a signed Rental Agreement and a paid deposit.

If you have applied for this property as your primary property of interest - we have attempted to contact you, please contact us at Support@RealPM.com with your name and a different property of interest. You can move your application to a new property without paying any additional fees.

If you are interested in being on a waitlist for this property - please fill out the Contact Us form - and we will notify you if this property becomes available or if it has been rented."

We do want to inform interested applicants that we do have a pending approval, hence the image and marketing copy change.