1. Who is RPM?

  2. What are the RPM Code of Values?

  3. What is the story of our Vision?

  4. What is RPM fighting for?

  5. How do we contribute to our community?

  6. What is RPM's sensitive information and privacy policy?

  7. How can I contact someone at RPM?

Reception / Walk Ins & Proactive Customer Service

  1. Do you have a Paper Application?

  2. Can I make a rent payment in person?

  1. Click here -> See Applicants FAQ

  2. Moving Resource Guide

  3. Why is housing affordability so important to RPM?

  4. Do you rent to Corporations (lease under Company Name)?

  1. How do I sign the Rental Agreement and where can I learn about the terms?

  2. How do I pay first month's rent and security deposit?

  3. What is prorated rent?

  4. I've signed the Rental Agreement and paid the deposit, but can I move in earlier or later than then the original start date?

  5. I've paid the deposit and signed a Rental Agreement, but can I cancel my move in?

  6. What is Citizen Home Solutions & What is a Utility Concierge?

  7. How do I transfer utilities to my name?

  8. How do I assume responsibility for water during my lease?

  9. How do I get mail at my new home?

  10. How can I transfer to a different property you manage?

  11. Can we add or remove someone from our Rental Agreement?

  12. What Happens To the Security Deposit When There Is A Partial Notice To Vacate?

  13. Why doesn't my lease last for exactly one year?

  14. Do you have recommendations for local movers?

  15. MoveInDay.RPM101.com: How do I.....?

  16. How do we document the condition of my home at move in and Move out?

  17. How do I submit my Move In Evaluation / Property Condition Review?

  18. I've just moved in, but now I want to move out, how do I do that? (Lease Break)

  19. What does it mean for me if the property I'm renting is "For Sale"?

  20. What is a codebox and how does it work?

  1. How do I renew my lease?

  2. How do I submit a neighbor complaint?

  3. How do I request a pet?

  4. How do I notify you that I have removed a pet or no longer have a pet?

  5. How do I request approval to move in my ADA Service Animal?

  6. What is the prevailing utility rate?

  7. Can I re-schedule an inspection of my unit that I received a notice for?

  8. Who do I speak with regarding a concern within my unit?

  9. Who do I speak with if my Landlord provided yard care is not being done?

  10. Who do I speak with if the Landlord provided garbage is not being picked up?

  11. Who do I speak with regarding a violation or compliance notice I received?

  12. What does it mean when I receive a "Notice to Perform Covenant" about housekeeping?

  13. Can I hang stuff on my walls?

  14. What do I do if there is a natural disaster?

  15. Can I do maintenance on my residence and then bill you guys?

  16. What do I do if I'm locked out?

  17. You just started managing the home I live in - what do I do now?

  18. Can I come look at all the documents in my Tenant file?

  19. Can I run a daycare in the rental property? Baby Sitting Day Care?

  20. If there is a death on the premises, why do need a Death Certificate?

  21. Your Rights

  22. Mold Prevention Tips

  23. Resident Benefits Package

  1. How do I pay rent?

  2. When will I receive my rent reminder messages?

  3. When exactly does the online payment / ACH / eCheck come out of the bank account?

  4. Can I make a payment with a credit card? If I make a payment, can it be canceled?

  5. What should I do if I'm behind / late / short on rent?

  6. Can I make a partial payment now and pay the rest off later?

  7. What is the Rent Collection Calendar & Eviction Process?

  8. How do I access my Online Portal?

  9. How do I update my contact information using my Tenant Portal?

  10. How do I pay rent at CVS?

  11. How do I pay rent with cash?

  12. Why do I owe more rent money if I just moved in recently?

  13. What does Tenant Liability Insurance cover?

  14. Why did I receive an eviction warning letter in the mail after I paid my rent?

  15. Why am I still receiving Rent Collection Reminders if I have a payment plan or I have different due date?

  16. What is a "3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit" and how should I respond to receiving it?

  17. Why does my Tenant Statement say I owe rent even though I paid my rent?

  1. What are the RPM Maintenance Policies?

  2. My fridge / refrigerator has a problem, what do I do?

  3. How do I submit a maintenance request?

  4. How do I find out the status of my maintenance request?

  5. What do I do if I suspect there is mold?

  6. How do I check my Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide detectors?

  7. What do I do if there is a fire?

  8. Can I do maintenance on my residence and then bill you guys?

  9. How do I get a new house key or a mail key?

  10. Can I install a satellite dish?

  11. Can I install security cameras?

  12. How can I help reduce solid waste in Arcata?

  13. Can I fly a U.S. Flag? Can I put a United States of America flag on a flag pole?

  14. Are flushable wipes flushable? TLDR: No.

  1. How can RPM help if I can't live in my property?

  2. How does the move-out process work?

  3. How do I put in my notice to move out?

  4. How do I submit my notice of intent to vacate or notice of non-renewal?

  5. Can I move out even though I'm on a Lease? (Lease Break)

  6. I'm not ready to move out yet, can I extend my move out date?

  7. Can I take back (cancel / rescind) my notice to vacate I turned in if I want to stay?

  8. Why did I receive a 30, 60, or 90 day notice to vacate?

  9. How do I turn in my keys on the day of my move out?

  10. How do you come up with security deposit charges?

  11. When will I receive my Security Deposit?

  12. Can you send my Security Deposit via Direct Deposit into my bank account?

  13. What does it mean that I received an "estimated" security deposit?

  14. What does this mean on my Move Out Accounting Statement / Security Deposit Disposition?

  15. How can I dispute the security deposit charges?

  16. Do I need to appear in court for my eviction hearing?

  17. Can we add or remove someone from our Rental Agreement?


  1. Am I being evicted? (If it's a UD, yes. If it's a NTV, no.)

  2. What is an Unlawful Detainer? Is that an Eviction?

Record Keeping & Requests for Information / Copies

  1. Can you please send me a copy of . . . . ?

If you have any additional questions after reviewing the FAQ above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at anytime!