How can I dispute the security deposit charges?

Be assured that with all security refunds, for the protection of both parties, great care is taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our reports.

Your Security Deposit Statement will itemize deductions (if any) that were deemed necessary against your security deposit. In the event any deductions were made against your security deposit, please be assured that we did our best in your interest to hold them to a minimum.

If you feel that an error was made or disagree with our findings and wish to bring it to our attention, please be advised that we do not discuss security deposit matters in person or by telephone and all inquiries regarding security deposit statements must be conducted in writing.

  • It is highly recommended that you bring a copy of your lease, the enclosed settlement statement, and any other applicable documents related to your case to your attorney for a full review and explanation.
  • Please send any inquiries in writing to us along with the enclosed un-cashed refund check to:

Real Property Management Humboldt

710 E St. Suite 205

Eureka, CA 95501

We will gladly review your case and contact you if we make any revisions. If no changes are made, we will re-send your refund check to you at your designated forwarding address.

CLICK HERE: Request for Final Review of Security Deposit Refund