What is a Pet Admin Fee?

Pet Admin Fee

In consideration for having a pet in the property, Residents agree to pay an additional $250 security deposit increase and a $25 per month admin pet fee per pet to Real Property Management. Residents acknowledge that a pet-occupied property often results in more work, closer inspections, and occasional complaints from neighboring properties.

Language from Rental Agreement Pet Addendum

If my/our pet is approved, I/We the owners of the above-described pet do hereby certify and agree to the following:

  1. Pets are only allowed with prior written agreement. If you withhold information about a pet, get a pet after you move in, change pets, or have a guest pet without written approval, you will be penalized and possibly face eviction even if the property allowed pets when you applied.
  2. Pets must be spayed or neutered and you will be asked to provide documentation of the pet(s) being up to date with vaccinations, spayed or neutered, AND the pet is on a flea treatment program if applicable.
  3. Prior to moving from the property, you will be required to have the house professionally cleaned and carpets professionally cleaned and treated for fleas, and two flea treatments performed by a professional pest control company. Invoices with proof of payment must be provided to meet these requirements.
  4. My/Our pet is well trained, is not dangerous to others, and does not have a propensity to be vicious. Additionally, my/our pet has never bitten, clawed, or caused harm to another person.
  5. In the event the pet produces a litter, we agree to keep them at the rental premises no longer than one month past weaning.
  6. I/We shall not engage in any commercial pet-raising activities.
  7. There shall be no other pets, other than the one (1) listed above on the premises without the express written approval of Real Property Management. Should I/we desire additional pets, I/We agree to apply to Real Property Management for approval utilizing a separate Pet Application, prior to pet occupancy.
  8. I/we agree to keep the pet from becoming a nuisance. This includes, but is not limited to, controlling the noise level of the pet, if necessary, and the cleaning of any animal waste on or about the premises.
  9. In the event that my/our pet causes any damage or destruction to the property, I/we agree that all cost of said damage or destruction shall come out of our security deposit as stipulated in the lease agreement. Should the security deposit be insufficient to cover the costs of any pet damage or destruction, then I/we agree to be fully financially responsible for damages above and beyond the amount of my/our security deposit. Additionally, should the pet harm or cause any harm, damage, or liability to any person or property, I/we agree to be fully responsible in all aspects for such harm, damage, or liability, and agree to fully indemnify and hold Real Property Management forever harmless for the same.
  10. If the pet becomes a nuisance or causes damage or destruction to the premises or otherwise violates the terms of this pet application, Real Property Management may terminate the pet’s right of occupancy and/or my/our lease agreement.
  11. Compliance with Laws. Tenant will comply with any homeowners association requirements and all applicable local animal ordinances, including vaccination and licensing laws. Any Pet that is required to be licensed or vaccinated must wear current tags at all times.
  12. Pet Behavior. Tenant is responsible for the behavior of the Pet. Any Pet that disturbs neighbors, injures a human or another animal, or results in a complaint, citation, or other action by police or other local authority will not be allowed to remain in the Premises. If Tenant fails to control the Pet to Landlord’s satisfaction, the Pet’s behavior will be a default under this Agreement and Landlord will have the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with applicable law and to exercise any and all rights and remedies available to Landlord at law or in equity. For purposes of this provision, “failure to control” includes, without limitation, any damage or injury inflicted by the Pet to the Premises or to a human or other animal.
  13. Insurance. Tenant will maintain liability insurance at all times while the Pet occupies the Premises. Tenant’s liability insurance must provide liability coverage, without exclusion of liability for the Pet, must name Real Property Management as an additional insured, and must provide for coverage limits not less than $100,000 per occurrence and $100,000 in the aggregate and a deductible not more than $500. On or before Landlord’s execution of this Agreement, Tenant must provide to Landlord a certificate of Tenant’s liability insurance showing coverage limits and deductible amount satisfactory to Landlord and providing for notice to Landlord at least 30 days prior to cancellation or non-renewal. Tenant must deliver a satisfactory replacement certificate of insurance to Landlord’s rental agent at least 30 days prior to expiration of the insurance coverage previously in effect.
  14. Feeding. Tenant must provide adequate food and water for the Pet at all times. If the Pet is a domestic animal, the Pet must be fed indoors at all times. If the Pet is a large animal such as a horse, the Pet must be housed and fed in areas designated for those purposes. Tenant is responsible for feeding and storing food so as to avoid attracting wild animals such as raccoons and rats. Accordingly, no Pet food may be left exposed in any outdoor area of the Premises.
  15. Pet Waste. The Pet must be housebroken, litter box trained, or otherwise maintained in a manner that will avoid deposit of pet waste in or around the Premises. Tenant shall dispose of all Pet waste promptly and shall keep the Premises clear of waste, including picking up droppings and frequent cleaning and disposal of litter box, cage, and aquarium contents to avoid accumulation of waste materials that could cause odor or unsanitary conditions.
  16. Pest Extermination. In addition to Landlord’s other rights to enter the Premises, Landlord shall have the right to enter the Premises from time to time to determine whether fleas, ticks, vermin, or other pests are present and to arrange for pest extermination. Tenant will be required to reimburse Landlord for all costs incurred to exterminate pests, whether such costs are incurred during the Term or after Tenant vacates the Premises. Pest infestation will be considered a default under this Agreement. Upon discovery of pest infestation, Landlord will have the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with applicable law and to exercise any and all rights and remedies available to Landlord at law or in equity.
  17. Confinement of Pet. Tenant will restrain the Pet at all times and will not allow the Pet to run free unless the Premises include an outdoor space that is designated for pets, is completely enclosed by a fence or other physical barrier, and is not shared by any resident of an adjacent property. Each bird, rodent, or other small mammal must be caged at all times. Each amphibian or reptile must be confined to an aquarium or other appropriate enclosure. Each dog should be crate trained and confined, if possible, during Tenant’s absence from the Premises. Tenant acknowledges that this Agreement allows Landlord and its agents to enter the Premises from time to time for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the Premises as well as to show the Premises to prospective purchasers. Upon receipt of notice that Landlord or its agent intends to enter the Premises, Tenant shall remove the Pet from the Premises until after Landlord has left the Premises or shall confine the Pet in a crate, cage, or other enclosure sufficient to prevent contact between the Pet and the individuals who enter the Premises on behalf of Landlord.
  18. Tenant Indemnification and Release. Tenant hereby indemnifies and holds Landlord harmless from any and all loss, cost, damage, and expense caused by or attributable to occupancy of the Premises by the Pet, including, without limitation, replacement or repair of any portion of the Premises that may suffer physical damage; extermination of pests; removal of Pet waste; injury to humans; and fines and costs (including attorneys fees) imposed through regulatory or legal action. Tenant hereby releases Landlord from any and all liability for loss, cost, damage, or expense incurred by Tenant with respect to the Pet, including, without limitation, injury to or loss or death of the Pet directly or indirectly attributable to the action or inaction of Landlord, as well as any expense that Tenant might incur to confine or remove the Pet in compliance with the terms of this addendum.
  19. Removal of Pet. Landlord reserves the right to revoke this addendum, with or without terminating this Agreement. Landlord may revoke this addendum for reasons related to the Pet, because of a change in Landlord’s rules pertaining to Pet occupancy, or for any other reason. If Landlord revokes this addendum without terminating this Agreement, Tenant will be required to board the Pet or otherwise remove the Pet from the Premises. Tenant will be responsible for all costs of Pet removal and boarding.
  20. Emergency; Abandonment of Pet. Landlord assumes no responsibility for care or rescue of the Pet. Tenant is responsible for the health, safety, and security of the Pet at all times. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Landlord believes that the Pet is in danger or is a danger to the Premises or to humans other than Tenant, and Tenant does not respond promptly to Landlord’s concern after reasonable attempts to notify Tenant or Tenant’s emergency contact, Landlord shall have the right to enter the Premises with or without an animal control officer to remove the Pet or take such other action as Landlord or such animal control officer may consider appropriate. Examples of emergencies for which such entry might be required include suspected abuse or illness of the Pet, abandonment, fire or other disaster, or any prolonged disturbance by the Pet. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall not leave the Pet unattended for any period longer than 12 consecutive hours. If Tenant elects to discontinue ownership of the Pet, Tenant must deliver the Pet to an appropriate humane shelter for adoption. In no event shall Tenant abandon the Pet in or around the Premises. Tenant shall notify Landlord promptly if Pet no longer occupies the Premises for any reason.