What does this mean on my Move Out Accounting Statement / Security Deposit Disposition?

Here are example items that may appear on your move out accounting statement / security deposit disposition:

  • Unpaid rent & charges - Charges for unpaid rent or other charges as listed on your Rental Agreement.
  • Repairs - Charges for repairs for damages beyond wear and tear.
  • Cleaning - Charges for cleaning for damages beyond wear and tear.
  • Painting - Charges for painting for damages beyond wear and tear.
  • Gardening - Charges for gardening for damages beyond wear and tear.
  • Replacement Costs for Missing Items - Charges for missing items i.e. furniture or other items inventoried at move in.
  • Unpaid water, trash, or other utilities - Charges for unpaid utilities.
  • Keys - Charges for replacing keys or rekeying the property.
  • Unpaid legal fees - Charges typically associated with an Unlawful Detainer Action / Eviction.
  • Unpaid maintenance reimbursement - Charges related to previous maintenance work that was charged back to your ledger.
  • Unpaid homeowner assoc. damages - Unpaid HOA charges.
  • Other - Charges that will be described on the statement.

If you have any questions regarding your security deposit accounting, please email Support@RealHumboldt.com or call 707.444.3835.