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Rental Listings

  1. Why rent a home with the #RealHumboldt Team?

  2. How do I see which properties are move in ready?

  3. What does "Available TBD" followed by a month mean?

  4. How are rentals priced? Who sets the monthly rental rate?

  5. What utilities are included with the rent?

  6. Why do you post ads on Craigslist if it's already rented?

  7. Why is housing affordability so important to RPM?

  8. What does it mean for me if the property I'm renting is "For Sale"?

  9. What is Humboldt County like?

Applying & Qualifying for a Rental

  1. What are your qualifications to rent?

  2. What income sources can I provide to verify that I'm qualified?

  3. How do I apply?

  4. Is there an application fee? Do I have to pay an application fee for each property I'm interested in?

  5. How do I attach documents to my application?

  6. How do I request to pay a "Holding Deposit" to secure the property while my application is being processed?

  7. Is your company Fair Housing compliant?

  8. How do I schedule a showing?

  9. How does the prequalification process work?

  10. What is the best time to apply?

  11. How does the application process work?

  12. How do I know if you need anything else or any other documents from me for my application?

  13. What is your policy for pets or emotional support animals or service animals?

  14. Is it illegal to pretend to have a Service Animal?

  15. Is it illegal to use someone else's social security number?

  16. What does the $42 application fee / background screening fee cover?

  17. Can I provide my own credit report or score?

  18. Do you work with bad credit situations?

  19. Does the background screening / credit report you run hurt my credit?

  20. What would cause me to fail a background check?

  21. Why was my application rejected?

  22. How can I dispute the results of my background check?

  23. Can I meet with someone to go over why my application was denied?

  24. How Do I Receive a Copy of My Background Screening Report?

  25. What does qualified, but not selected mean for my application?

  26. Why is the application process so difficult?

  27. Why won't you call me or text me?

  28. Can you hold a property for me to rent later?

  29. What if I need help to qualify? Will you allow me to have someone co-sign?

  30. How do I apply with a Co-signer?

  31. As a co-signer, what am I responsible for?

  32. What is a Pet Admin Fee?

  33. What type of breed restrictions are there?

  34. Can I rent without a social security number?

  35. Can you keep my number and call me when “this” type of a home becomes available?

Showings & Property Questions

  1. How do I reschedule my showing?

  2. Do I have to attend a showing to move forward in the application process?

  3. There was a smell or other maintenance request I noted during my showing, how do I report it and will it be fixed prior to move in?

  4. Who are the neighbors?

  5. Is crime an issue at the property? Is the neighborhood safe?

Lease Signing & Moving In

  1. When can I visit the RPM office?

  2. What if I paid my deposit, but no longer want to move in?

  3. What are my payment options if I'm ready to move in immediately?

  4. What is the move-in cost?

  5. How do I transfer utilities prior to move in?

  6. Can I get a pet after the lease starts?

  7. What if I need to move before my lease expires?

  8. A friend will be living with me for just a little while, do I have to put them on the lease?

  9. What if I move in and there is a bug problem?

  10. What about maintenance items or damages the day we move in or thereafter?

  11. Do you accept Section 8 Housing vouchers?

  12. Would you please destroy all the records you have in my file?

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