How can I transfer to a different property you manage?

If you are interested in moving out of a property we currently manage and moving in to a different Property in our portfolio, we call that move a transfer.

Quick FAQ

  • Do I have to give my notice to vacate at my current property to apply for a new one? No, but you will have to pay for BOTH units if you do not give adequate notice to vacate for your current unit. It is up to you to confirm the timing between your current property and the new property you are transferring to. CLICK HERE: Submit your Notice to Vacate
  • Do I have to pay a deposit at the new property (if I'm qualified & selected)? Yes.
  • Can I transfer if I have damaged my current property or have not paid rent in a timely manner? You are welcome to apply, but please know that both of the matters you mentioned would be considered "negative rental history" and may be grounds to deny your application."

Transfer Process

All the typical move out steps must be completed and will follow this general process:

  1. Apply for the Property that you are interested in renting. See for current available listings and to start the application process.
    1. If your application is over 1 year old, you will have to resubmit an application on our website at
    2. If you have applied within the last year, please contact us at to re-activate your application. Send us an email with the property you are interested in and send us updated income documentation (pay stub, tax return, etc.) We will then qualify your application and schedule an interior inspection of your unit.
    3. NOTE: You do NOT need to give notice at your current property prior to applying for a new one. We know that it can be challenging to be approved for a new home and you wouldn't want to give notice prior to making sure it was secured for you. You can be approved and selected for a property prior to submitting notice to vacate, but know that you will be financially responsible for paying rent at both properties if there is overlap after your 30 day notice has been submitted..
  2. Submit a Property Condition Review by completing our Review Checklist: Alternatively, you may request to schedule an inspection to be completed by an agent. Please email with your Inspection Request.
  3. If Approved and sent an Offer to Rent for the new Property, you'll need to provide notice at your existing location. See instructions for Moving Out by clicking here -> "How does the Move Out Process Work?"
  4. Please note that it may be unavoidable to pay rent at two locations (old and new locations) at once in order to provide moving time, but speak with our Team to try to minimize the overlap.
  5. Moving in to the new Property will follow the traditional Move in Process.
  6. Once you successfully move out of the first property, your Move Out Accounting and Security Deposit Statement will be sent to you within 21 days of your move out.
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred to a new home!