What are my payment options if I'm ready to move in immediately?

To hold a property, RPM requires that you submit deposit payment within 24 hours of lease signing. If there are multiple qualified applicants, we may ask for security deposit payment with certified funds before lease signing, to determine who gets to sign the lease.

To move in and get the keys today, RPM requires both the security deposit and first month's rent payment be paid with Certified Funds or Money Order.

For all future rent payments, your best option is to pay online at Payments.RPM101.com. If you don't have a time crunch, use our regular payment process here.

Remember, you can always visit us during applicant walk-in hours to pay the security deposit and first month's rent. If you are not following our usual procedure by paying online, then you can pay your deposit and first month's rent with Money order or cashier's check.