Hommage U.K. Soldiers

DE PANNE 1944/45

About one of them, between many others...

Eric Taylor (Febr. 1917)

Corporal in the 46th Royal Marine Commando unit.

Before landing in the Normandy, at Juno Beach (Canadian Beach) at St-Aubin-sur-Mer on

6th June 1944 , he served aboard the battleship HMS Suffolk as a Royal Marine gunner at the outbreak of the war.

He was saw action in the first naval engagement in Stavanger, Norway, where his ship was hit and 50% of his marine comrades were casualties.

Whilst undergoing repirs on the Suffolk, Eric was transfered to HMS Malaya , where he again saw action in the Mediterranean and as escort ship for the Malta convoys.

In 1942 Eric was voluntered to join the Royal Marine Commando, and in 1943, after rigid selection, joined the 46 RMC. It suffered heavy casualties (50%) in the Normandy fighting and, at the end of 1944, was returned to the U.K. to refit.

Returning to mainland Europe in January 1945 it was used as the Antwerp guard force.

He came to Belgium where he was billeted in De Panne

Hotel MI-LOU, Bonzellaan

His regiment had the meals served in the previous "Deutsche Kino", decorated with emblematic drawings.

He was fighting in Bray-Dunes, against the numerous German infantry divisions, who had the task to hold Dunkirk.

We will remember them

Cortesy of Keith Taylor (son of Eric)