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2016-05-28 Intro HCD: IETA

Co-Designing the International Empathy Trainers Association.

Our first Online Meeting and Workshop to Co-design our Association. We will be hosting meetings every couple of weeks.

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Our Co-Design Challenge
How might we design a mutually supportive International Empathy Trainers Association?

Date:  Saturday, May 28, 2016 
Time: 9am to 12pm PST   (3 hrs)
Signup Page:  add your name to this page.
Scheduling page: Days of the week that work best for future meetings.

Location: Online 
Google Hangouts 
Click on this link at the meeting time to join the call.

Join Mural Meeting and Work Room:
you'll need to create an account.

We will use Human-centered Design (Empathic Design) to being co-creating our association. Human-centered design is a process that has been used for decades to create better products, services, experiences, cultures and organizations that keep people’s needs at the core.

You’re invited to learn about and apply human-centered design in this workshop. Using the process and tools developed by IDEO and the Stanford, this workshop will introduce you to human-centered design and help you generate, prototype and test your ideas quickly.  We will apply this process to address a practical problem and project.

Also take a deep dive into learning how to build your empathy skills and apply them to fostering teamwork, creativity, innovation and action.

Participants (10 max)

  1. Edwin Rutsch
  2. Raj
  3. Kathy McGuire
  4. Lou Agosta
  5.  Mireille van Bremen

Check List Instructions for Participants

1. Use good computer equipment: 
  • ☐  Try to use Google Chrome, it works best for Google Hangouts and MURAL 
  • ☐  Use as large a screen and as powerful a computer as you can! (and the fastest Internet you can find). Cell phones do not work.
  • ☐  Use a mouse. (especially with Mural).  Scratch pads are hard to use in MURAL.
  • ☐  iPad may not work; best to use a regular computer.
  • ☐  Use earbuds to avoid audio feedback.
  • ☐  Try not to use WiFi but rather a direct connection for better and more reliable internet performance.
  • ☐ Agree to stay for the full workshop. We work as a team and having participants leave mid workshop disrupts the flow.
☐  2. We use Google Hangouts On Air for Video Conferencing.
       See How to use Google Hangouts

YouTube Video

☐  4. Before the Workshop - Create an account on
  • ☐ We will use the Mural platform for some of our design activities, MURAL is a program optimized for the design community.
  • ☐ We need participants emails, we will invite you to join Mural.
  • ☐ Participants will receive an invitation to a Mural room.
  • ☐ Before the workshop on the Mural Page 1, create a introduction about yourself. 

  • ☐ Play with the software to get familiar with it.

☐ 5. Watch this Introduction to MURAL

YouTube Video

Workshop Notes
Start Recording

Personal Introductions in MURAL

About Human Centered Design   (5 min)

Mural: Review of Design Process

  • Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.
  • We will do a minimal iteration in 3 hr. We have a;

    • 8 hr workshop version

    • 7 week workshop version


Emotional Preparation

  • This will be very fasted paced, 
  • You may feel overwhelmed, frustrated from; 
    • The fast pace
    • Leaning  new programs like Hangouts, Mural, etc.
    • Dealing with problems in the technology like Hangouts, Mural, 
    • Learning a new HCD process 
    • Working on a real world problem.
    • but that's ok. Just go with it.
  • it's a great mind and tool set to learn and most people gain a lot from learning it.


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1. Empathy - Interviews (45 min)

  • Sample Questions  (2 min)

  • Do interviews (5 min pp)

  • dig for feelings, needs, emotions and stories.

2. Define   (15 min)

  • Sort and Cluster Interviews (10 min)

  • Find themes and Insights

  • Craft How might we statements (5 min)

  • Select HMW - Vote

3. Ideate  (20 minutes)

  • Brainstorming

  • Cluster  (5 min)

  • Select  (1 min)

4. Prototype  (20 minutes)

5. Test    (20 minutes)

6. Feedback (15 Min)  5 min write  - 5 min share


7. Iterate - Plan to do it again.