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Melissa Sirikasem

Velina  interviews  Melisa   (notes by edwin)

How are you feeling about the empathy circle?

  • I first felt a bit nervous

  • I want to get it started and see how it works

  • I want to observe how they do the empathy circle

  • everyone has a different style and I want to see the different styles

  • see which one is the right way.

  • I want to catch the best way..

  • I want to reflect core ideas and it’s hard to reflect the full words

Are you wanting this as part of the design process?

  • I am not sure if my way is working or not work?

  • Should I change or improve?

Are you wanting feedback if you are doing it well?

  • yes

Are you saying you are needing reassurance?

  • I  like feedback,

  • we need a measurement of how well we are doing empathic listening.

  • how to improve ?

  • [how do we create a measurement of how well you are doing with the listening and reflection?]

Maybe create a design around a meter of how well  we are doing?

  • The person who is listening is asked if they are heard. So if they say you are heard, then that is a measurement.

  • it’s how much the person feels heard.

You have a concern that you are doing it well enough?

  • We should ask people who are being heard if they need some feedback.

Velina Interviewee Name: Melissa

Insight: Melissa is feeling nervous and  unsure of herself. She wants to be able get to the core of the issues and wants to observe more and concerned she isn’t doing it right. She is wanting some kind of empathy meter or way of measuring her level of empathy

Feedback:     Yes  


  • anxious
  • nervous 
  • uncertain 
  • curious


  • learning 
  • practice 
  • support 
  • feedback
  • competence
  • confidence

I Like… I like that we could came up with the idea in a short amount of time, and decided to do a big idea that we shape it together.
I Wish… like we have our own ideas and we can share ..  we can explain it right away.
What if… We could do what we can do faster.