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Sherry Matheson


to learn more about empathy, practice empathy from like minded people to develop my skills.     

 To go through the Human-Centered Design course with a team to be accountable to and who will support me in learning about empathy and practicing empathy.  Which ultimately will help me in the work I do with my clients and in my personal life.   

Angela interviews Sherry 

What was your experience of the Empathy Circle?

What were the positives?

it was all good. if you come up with a challenging nugget, it’s all positive

best way to be the observer

What were the insights?

How setting the container is important

what are the guidelines around the piece, I feel heard to end the conversation because you are frustrated etc.

if I am truly listening to the other person.

I need to take the focus off of me, not thinking of what am I going to reflect back.. an ahaI had around that.

Might you apply this prototype this month?

I would definitely do this,

Id like to do it with a group of coaches.

What did you have trouble with and why?

I can see where there is ambiguity

give more information.

what will be talk about

people don’t know what to ask,

some people will not do that because they are not sure, or it is

dancing with ambiguity may be difficult

Was there ambiguity?

people may have wanted more information and

What are applications for this? How might this impact your coaching work?

I’m sitting here as the observer,

the coaching listening and brings in intuition?

Angela  Interviewee Name: Sherry 
Insight: Experienced a positive process and needs to consider / experience in future how intuition may become part of the empathic listening process in reflecting back


  • self consciousness


  • transparent

  • authentic


Exercise for participants to be more connected

  • physical exercise

  • getting to know others in partners. 3 minutes listening to someones name

  • nothing to added

  • a mindful meditation

Have participants design/create what they need to participate fully

List of what to do if technology isn’t working

Other options for technology

 Learn the process for HCD and how to use empathy in that process.   

Circle: Sherry talks to Edwin

Sherry was interested in the others ideas about empathic listening and stimulates her.

For her the word tolerate hook up in her mind and wonders how tolerating something and empaty are connected. She is curious on what the others opinion on that would be.

Sherry is curios to work this out, if empathy is beyond tolerance.

Sophie  interviews Sherry

What was your experience of the Empathy Circle for the first time?

Actually it wasn’t the first time. There was curiosity.

She is used to be more in a ping pong conversation.

Was there a challenging moment?

Was difficult not to ask questions to understand the other person.

How did you feel while speaking?

Prefered to have a kind of conversation because of some “personal rules” how a conversation should be.

I am having this rule that we can’t have conversations.

need to communicate, have more of a back and forth.

I feel if one person talks and the person reflects what we are hearing, take it to the  next level is to be in a conversation.

Sherry would like to improve the process

Sophie Interviewee Sherry

Insight: Sherry has some questions and comments about the one-way transmission of information, wonder if it’d be better to have more back and forths and take it to the next level


not sure about asking questions for clarity and engagement.


  • confused

  • unsure


  • clarity

  • engagement

  • spontaneity

  • effectiveness

How might we select the right topic/question to foster engagement and connection?



Everyone suggest a question/topic at the beginning of the call and we can choose or people bring what is really happening for them that they really want to feel heard about.  

What are you passionate about?  

What upsets you? 

What are you learning about HCM and how will you apply it?

What are you learning about Empathy?How will you use this in your work?