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Nika Quirk

  I believe that developing people’s empathy capacities is very important and I’m intrigued about how Edwin has designed this design lab experience.   

Edwin  interviews Nika

What was your experience of the Empathy Circle?

Nika was very calm in witness role. Being in the listener role she needed to be more attentive.

If people would not know each other, how would this be? Invites vulnerability, openness. Process deepens intimacy.

Do you have an idea about what would make the transition smoother if people meet without knowing each other?

Nika thinks that naming it would help. Sense of shyness and awkwardness needs to be addressed AND it is recorded. How would this be like if you do this with people who you do not know?

How was the arc of being and ending to you?

The lighting of the candle as a symbolic act is powerful. Typing intention and reading it made her feel very grounded.

Performing actions together in real life space can help bridge the gap between virtual and physical, also some kind of tangible action/response between participants can make them feel more connected

Any other thing that was jawing?

There weren’t any problem areas

Wouldn’t it be cool to offer empathy circles for example at the HUB via hylo so people have an access to have people who they can do it with.  People who have already the experience with Edwin’s work can join and network with each other. “Empathy circles on tap”.

.2015-08-18 - Empathic Design Workshop_3.jpg

Edwin Interviewee Name: Nika

Insight: As a facilitator Nika is wondering about the
how people who do not know each other, what would be their experience coming into a circle, that they might have anxiety or awkwardness, as well as being recorded.

Feedback:     Yup, that’s good.


  • concern
  • curiousity


  • ease
  • concern for others
  • flow


I Like... the way I feel in the empathy circle
I Wish... we had a tool that anyone of any age could use to get “empathy on tap”
What if... empathy was a core strategy in all of daily life’s activities