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Setting the intention of the meeting.

Our Group Intention is to develop an empathic way of being.

Personal Intentions: Find out personal Intentions off all participants.

Share the intentions.

Use a Gradient of Agreement Chart.
1.   Whole-hearted Endorsement
2.   Endorsement with minor concerns - “Basically I like it.”
3.   Agree with reservations - “I can live with it.”
4.   Abstain - “I have no opinion.”
5.   Stand aside - “I don’t like this, but I don’t want to hold up the group.”
6.  Serious Disagreement, but willing to go with majority - “I want my disagreement noted, but I’ll support the decision.”
7.  Disagreement, with request not to be involved in implementation - “I don’t want to stop anyone else, but I don’t want to be involved in implementing it.”
8. Block - “I veto this proposal.”

How does that work for everyone?

Light a candle to hold the intention.

End by blowing our intentions out into the world by blowing out the candle together.
Everyone take a deep breath and blow out the candle from where ever you are in the world.