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Types of Empathy Circles

Empathy Circle
Basic circle and practice for people wanting to practice and deepen empathy and being heard, for personal growth. 

Family Empathy Circles
Holding family circles to safely talk about family issues as well as foster a family empathic way of being.

Children Empathy Circles
For children to start learning basic skills. Has activities geared toward children's attention spans.

Themed Empathy Circles
For people dealing with specific issues:  Stress, Alienation, Fear, Anxiety, Anger, Shame, Trauma,  PTSD, Grief, Loss, Bereavement, Guilt,  Worry, Attachment Issues, Abuse, Narcissism, Suicide, Emptiness, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Family Problems, Panic Attacks, etc.

School Empathy Circles
Using empathy circles in schools for connection, healing, support, conflict resolution and as a gateway to human-center design and Empathic Design.

Use the format to discuss a book. 

Restorative Empathy Circles
Addressing  conflict in various environments.

Inner Family Empathy Circle
Taking different parts of oneself and having dialogs between them. Ie, creativity, reason, pain, fear, judgment, etc.  The circle does role plays and empathic dialog between the parts.

Empathy Cafe
This is when a large group gets together, 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. The participants break up into smaller empathy circles.  Participants stay in a circle for 30 minutes and then switch between circles.