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April Henheffer

Facebook: April (Dawn) Henheffer


I would like to increase my empathetic listening skills and availability to hear those in their own processes.


Actual empathy circle was badass and fun. Lost engagement during the design process.

Kathy interviews April

What was your experience of the Empathy Circle?


it was tons of fun. The biggest emotion she felt, generally it was very fulfilling experience.  

joyful, there was’t a point where I wasn’t smiling

What worked well?  She doesn’t think it didn’t work.  She can’t answer that t- it seemed really smooth and fluid throughout the entire process.  When Andrea and I was a little sticky - it was a little bit more structured that was probably the only part that felt rocky - 2 out of 10 scale.

 What would you like to be different in the empathy circle? If anything she would say that doing it more than once to get over those mildly tricky spots.

A lot of joy, gratitude, warmth, compassion, she was really fully engaged.  Fully engaged means engagement like she wasn’t distracted, she was present, available, inner wondering was at aKath minimal, was present and focused at what other person was saying.  

She feels that it was remarkable to connect with someone in less than an hour of knowing each other.

seem smooth and fluid.

Anything you would like different?

doing it more would create more ease. make it easier

What feelings do you feel?

joy, warmth, compassion

I was fully engaged,

What does fully engaged mean?

You talked about conflict being a way to connect more deeply.  Did that come up in the talk with Andrea? I’m also interested in conflict and see it as a way to bring people together?

asking questions that are not usually asked.  does that make you feel

Anything else you like to say?

Would you want to do another empathy circle, why or why not?

yes, have feeling and belonging.

Kathy Interview April

April was really happy, “I never stopped smiling,” at the ease of the process and the sense of connection, even being able to work through a ‘sticky’ point. She wants to feel engaged, connected, belonging.She wants to help people to see that conflict is an opportunity for people to get closer

Feedback:  100 percent accurate!  


  • joyful

  • fulfilled

  • warm

  • compassionate


  • being engaged

  • being present

  • being connected

  • belonging

  • clarity

  • conflict resolution


How Might We.. get more practice, deep experience, enjoyable engagement and spreading of the empathy circles?


  • 1 to 2 Formal Practice Sessions leading to informal conversational sessions

  • In-Person meet ups. Connection Parites.

  • Introducing work to existing communities and allowing them to build off it

  • More focus on what works vs what doesn’t work

  • Once the practice is understood incorporating less design

  • New Branding - something funner, sexier, more engaging.

  • Benefit driven marketing - What are the results - What can people expect to gain from participating?

  • If design continues in the circles, how to maintain connection after the  circle closes? How to maintain connection during design?