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Delightex  -  Germany

 I’m excited to know what is going to happen at this workshop :)

Franz interviews Iris

What was your experience of the Empathy Circle?

I found out that I thought I’m already doing it when in fact, I’m not

I found it difficult in the beginning to listen without answering

Was it hard not to let your own thoughts pop in?

I didn’t think about it .. I didn’t properly listen to the content.

I was just repeating, the information did not work in my head

I didn’t process the information

You focused just on the listening on the content.. didn’t listen to own thoughts.

It was a good experience?

you have to practice it

it was interesting

you can’t keep the content in mind

just tried not to make mistakes

Should you practice it - the “just listening” thing? Do we normally mix it with own experience and judgements?

We should practice listening to the end, should not give advice (if not being asked)

don’t focus on repeating every word, you get behind.

I need more time to think about it.

Would you want to train this kind of listening?

Yes, I believe that next time a friend comes with a problem I will just listen and then think about the information

Would it help a friend with a problem if you just did what we did now?

No, only if the person wants someone to just listen only (no advice)

Franz  Interviewee Name:  Iris
Insight:  I found out that I thought I’m already doing it when in fact, I’m not

Feedback:      authenticity, I’ll do it my way.


  • surprise

  • growing wiser ;)

  • self-awareness


  • competence

  • learning to listen


  • talk face to face, make eye contact

  • be honest and direct while talking

  • concentrate on the person in front of you

  • meditation - staying silent for a while

  • have an inperson empathic listening

  • with problems I am the person in the middle

  • online mediation

  • connect random strangers - chatroulette, random strangers. met for the sake of meeting.

  • sometimes with a

I Like…    listen patiently, keep quiet for a while, be honest with the person in front of you and yourself.
I Wish… - that we all took something out of the exercises: growing, self-awareness, self-reflection, responsibility

What if…we stay focused and practice listening daily