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Empathic Design Workshop 
Date: 2015-09-09 10 am to 1 pm PDT 

Class Leader:  Edwin
Story Tellers:   
Google Event URL
Each hangout meeting has a google event page. This is the url to that page. 

click on the link at the time and you should enter the google hangout. 

Supplies Needed

YouTube Video
Video of the workshop will be placed here after it's done

Click on this link and it will open the meeting workbook as a google doc.
On arrival for the meeting, open the document and write you intention for the course and meeting on the first page. 

Meeting Notes and Minutes 

This shared document is for taking notes, minutes, documentation during the class meeting.
While people are doing the empathic listening, we can take notes about what has been said.

Also post any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc etc, as they come up.

Meeting Folder
Each meeting has a shared google folder were the material for that meeting can be uploaded. This includes manuals, photos, interviews, etc.