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Edwin Rutsch 05

Interview with Friend Bill

For Empathy Team 6 
How might we redesign the Empathy Circle to be more fun and engaging in education for high school?
How might we redesign the Empathy Circle to be more fun and engaging for high school students?

I took a walk with my friend Bill and asked him about empathy, fun and engagement. He told a story that he felt related to it.

He told that story of how he was in a hot tub in Esalen Institute hot springs and he was talking with a woman. She was married and also had a lover that was a woman. Her husband had told her she had to decide between the two of them.  She was in a lot of turmoil about it since she loved both of them.

The hot tub at Esalen. The very tub they were probably in.

Bill said he just listened very empathically and intently.  They were so engaged in the dialog  that they didn't even move when the staff drained the tub for clearing and they sat there in an empathy tub.  Bill said this was not a 'fun' dialog but very engaging and he felt he was empathically supporting the woman and that he felt a great deal of joy from that. 

For fun,  I had thought of having empathy circles in different and engaging places. So in a hot tub on the edge of a cliff looking out on the ocean would be one.

Maybe on a mountain top would be another.

So this was more about the different qualities of empathy related to 
  • fun - So fun seemed more superficial than joy and engagement.
  • engagement 
  • joy