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Rosa Zubizarreta

I want to deepen my experience of Edwin’s circle work, and also of Human-Centered Design. My larger intention is to help build the field of Empathy-centered Group Facilitation and Mediation.

Millicent  interviews Rosa

What do you think about what has happened so far

Millicent asks Rosa what occurs to Rosa so far?

  • She enjoyed the experience

  • How about the first go around of the listening be 2 minutes rather than 6 minutes so that it would “feel” longer”?

  • Liked Kelsey’s comments about more intro at the beginning to make it clear that “active listening” is one kind of empathetic listening.

  • Kind of “eh” about the candle part.  

  • Loved the movement part

Do you have thoughts about reaching different kinds of people?

  • Lots of different ways of reaching people.  Not everyone likes candles.

As a summing up question:  How does this seem to you as a way of increasing empathy?

  • A longer session would work better.

  • Re-wiring that happens

  • Felt more relaxed knowing it wasn’t going to be videoed.

the candle may not work for everyone.

What occurs to you now and what’s been said so far?

  • I’ve enjoyed the

How does this feel as a way of increasing empathy?  Broadly?

Shorter piece is as an icebreaker.?

short turns may make it feel longer,

how can you make a 45 min experience feel longer

Would it help at the beginning - 2 minutes of reflection instead of 6.

Appreciated Kelsey saying different approaches

helpful to have more of an orientation at the begin.

don’t know about the candle part. some people may not like that.

love the movement part - sitting in front of the screen - good to do movement

Wasn’t focused on how to get folks “into the church” although did feel the candle might be off-putting to some.

Millicent Interview Rosa


Overall very satisfied with the empathy circle and its various components. This would be a useful tool for expanding and teaching empathy. There are pros and cons to videotaping the sessions: a useful way to share the tool for those teaching empathy and dialogue, but perhaps inhibiting to participants who may not want to speak/share publicly.

Feedback:     It would be nice to have this necessarily-short session feel longer; a way to do that would be to have short initial times for reflecting back, then additional longer periods. The candle may be off-putting for some participants.


  • video:

  • conflicted

  • uncertain

  • general

  • pleased


  • safely v. accessibility

  • More time

Edwin Interview  Rosa


Rosa would like the 45 min empathic listening experience feel longer and thinks that dong 2 min. reflections at first. would create that sense.


  • constrained


  • ease

  • effectiveness

  • growth and improvement

How might we inventory the different ways into different people’s hearts?.... and then, make offerings that fit each of them? …

  • offer same versions, with different “feel and look” to them… maybe like different “skins” (for iPhones!) what’s underneath could be pretty similar, yet the outer marketing (format) could be different…

  • offer different versions… (candles / no candles; video / no video)

  • offer ones at a fee where people are not videod… offer a discounted fee for people who are willing to be videod…


I Like... - opportunity to go through design cycle with a specific challenge.

I Wish... - we had more time! Maybe this should be a two-session process?

What if.. - we had the opportunity to do this over a two or three session format… longer empathy circle the first time, with maybe the interviews as well… first two or three steps… then come back to it, for a second go-round….