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This page contains links to various tests with Google's services.

Blogger - Simple Blog Test

Google Analytics - Report Pages

I bought my own test domain for a couple of years (no longer continued) and with Google Analytics I made the following report pages:
Dashboard, Map Overlay, Languages, Browsers and Operating Systems, Screen Resolutions, Service Providers, Connection Speeds, Traffic Sources

Google Book Search - My Library

Google Calendar - Public Test Calendar

Google Co-op Search Engine / Google Custom Search

Google Docs - Word Processing Document

Google Docs - Spreadsheet Document

Google Drawings app for Google Chrome
(Google Drawings app)

Google Drive - Golang

Google Groups - Test Group

Google Maps - Search Result,+CA+94043&layer=&sll=37.426002,-122.085571&sspn=0.031831,0.079823&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=37.42406,-122.086258&spn=0.007958,0.019956&om=1&iwloc=addr&msid=108564968707680561011.00000111d59eb907a6e38&msa=0

Google Maps - My Map,29.047852&spn=9.055364,40.869141

Google Sites - Test Page

Picasa - Test Gallery

Picasa - Test Album

YouTube - Channel

YouTube - Favorites

YouTube - Playlist



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