Google Blogs


This document contains a list of some of the official and unofficial
Google blogs. Most of the blogs have been found from the Official
Google Blog, Google Blog Directory, Google help centers and some with
searches and following links.

Official Google Blogs

AdSense for Feeds   

AdWords API Blog   

Android Developers Blog    

Agency Ad Solutions Blog   

Blogger Buzz   

Chrome: Google Chrome Blog   


Content Central Blog   

Conversion Room   

DoubleClick Advertiser Updates   

DoubleClick Blog   

DoubleClick Publishers Blog   

El Blog para Webmasters   

European Public Policy Blog   

Google Affiliate Network   

Google AJAX Search API Blog   

Google App Engine Blog   

Google Barometer Blog   

Google Base Blog - German   

Google Checkout API Blog   

Google Chrome Releases   

Google Code: Featured Projects   

Google Code: Updates   

Google CPG Blog (Consumer Packaged Goods)   

Google Custom Search Blog   

Google Desktop APIs Blog   

Google Developer Blog China   

Google Finance Blog   

Google Gears API Blog   

Google Geo Developers Blog    

Google Grants Blog    

Google Health Advertising Blog   

Google Lat Long Blog   

Google Librarian Central   

Google Mashup Editor Blog   

Google Mobile Blog   

Google News Blog   

Google Online Security Blog   

Google Open Source Blog    

Google Product Ideas    

Google Public Policy Blog   

Google Retail Blog   

Google Student Blog   

Google Summer of Code Blog   

Google Talkabout   

Google Testing Blog   

Google Wave Developer Blog   

Google Web Toolkit Blog   

Google Webmaster Central Blog   

Google Webmaster Central Blog - German   

Google Webmaster Central Blog - China   

iGoogle Developer Blog   

Inside AdSense   

Inside AdSense - German   

Inside AdSense - French   

Inside AdSense - Italian   

Inside AdSense - Japanese   

Inside AdSense - Korean   

Inside AdSense - Netherlands   

Inside AdSense - Portuguese   

Inside AdSense - Spanish   

Inside AdSense - Turkish   

Inside AdWords   

Inside AdWords - Brazil   

Inside AdWords - Japanese   

Inside AdWords - Spanish   

Inside Google Book Search   

Inside Google Desktop   

Let's Take it Offline   

Notebook: Google Notebook Blog   

O3D Blog   

o blog oficial do orkut   

Official Gmail Blog   

Official Google Analytics Blog   

Official Google Analytics Blog - Japanese   

Official Google Base Blog   

Official Google Blog   

Official Google Blog - Africa   

Official Google Blog - Arabia   

Official Google Blog - Australia   

Official Google Blog - Brazil   

Official Google Blog - China   

Official Google Blog - Czech Republic   

Official Google Blog - Germany   

Official Google Blog - India   

Official Google Blog - Italy   

Official Google Blog - Japan   

Official Google Blog - Korean   

Official Google Blog - Latin America   

Official Google Blog - Mexico   

Official Google Blog - Poland   

Official Google Blog - Russia   

Official Google Blog - Thailand   

Official Google Blog - Ukraine   

Official Google Checkout Blog   

Official Google Data APIs Blog   

Official Google Docs Blog   

Official Google Enterprise Blog   

Official Google Gadgets API Blog   

Official Google Mac Blog   

Official Google Maps API Blog   

Official Blog   

Official Google Photos Blog (Picasa)    

Official Google Reader Blog   

Official Google Research Blog   

Official Google SketchUp Blog   

Official Google Video Blog   

Official Google Website Optimizer Blog   

OpenSocial API Blog   

orkut Blog   

orkut Developer Blog   

SketchUp API Blog   

Social Web Blog   

UK Developer Blog   

YouTube Biz Blog   

YouTube Developer API Blog   

YouTube blog   

Unofficial Google Blogs

Customize Talk    

Download Squad: Google category    

Google Blogoscoped    

Google Operating System    

GoogleWatchBlog (German)    



(The Unofficial Google Weblog - moved to Download Squad)
( Googling Google    

Zorgloob (French)    

Web Related Blogs (News About Google Also)

Aaron Wall's SEO    

Live Search Blog     

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO    


Search Engine Journal    

Search Engine Roundtable    


(Timbl's Blog)

Yahoo! Search Blog    


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