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This document contains contact information for some of the Google's services for feedback and questions. Google has removed many of the email addresses from the web pages, maybe because of too much of automatically created email spam and too many repetitive questions that have already been answered on one of the help pages or in one of the official Google forums, so please visit the help pages and forum for the particular Google service and also use the search function of the help center, Google Web Search and help forum before asking questions from Google. So instead of listing email addresses, this document contains links to contact forms (and in some cases to other pages if they contain email addresses or other ways to contact). Please do not ask for personal email addresses of Google employees from me, because I don't work for Google and I don't want to slow their work by telling any personal email addresses that might get published by someone to a web page and after that the email address may need to get changed because of too many messages. The below contact form pages have been gathered from the help center pages, so this document contains no inside information.

General Info

Google's main contact page

How to give feedback or report a bug to Google

Google's links to many Google help centers

Google Site Map

Contact Form Pages, Etc.

Below is a list of contact form pages but it also includes some pages where it's easy to find a contact link or even an email address to contact Google.

Android Market




Google Accounts

Google AdSense

Google AdWords

Google Affiliate Network

Google Alerts

Google Analytics

Google App Engine

Google Apps for Administrators

Google Blog Search

Google Books

Google Calendar

Google Checkout / Google Merchant Center (Google Base)

Google Chrome

Google Chromebook / Chrome OS

Google Commerce

Google Custom Search Engine

Google Docs

Google Earth

Google Enterprise Solutions (Google Mini, Google Search Appliance)

Google Flu Trends (

Google for Nonprofits

Google Fusion Tables

Google Groups

Google I/O

Google Investor Relations

Google Knol

Google Mail

Google Maps

Google Merchant Center (Google Base)

Google Moderator

Google News

Google News Archive Search

Google Payments

Google Plus (Google+)

Google privacy policy

Google Scholar

Google Search Appliance

Google SketchUp

Google Store

Google Summer of Code

Google Talk

Google Talk Labs Edition

Google Toolbar

Google Trademark

Google Translate

Google Translator Toolkit

Google Trusted Stores

Google TV

Google TV Ads

Google Ventures

Google Video

Google Web Search / iGoogle

Google Website Optimizer

Google WiFi Mountain View

iGoogle / Google Web Search

Music Partner




Remove Content (report illegal content)


List of Google FAQ Pages

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