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This document contains a list of some of the official and unofficial
Google forums and newsgroups. The official forums mentioned here have
been gathered from various official Google services, mostly from the
help center pages. With many Google services you should be able to
find the appropriate discussion group by going to the main page of
that Google service, clicking the link for the help pages and then the
link for the discussion group. You can find links to most of the
Google Help Centers here:

Official Forums



Blogger Data API

DoubleClick Rich Media Forum


Google Ad Manager Help

Google AdWords

Google AJAX Search API

Google Analytics

Google App Engine

Google Apps

Google Apps Security & Compliance / Postini   

Google Audio Indexing (Gaudi)

Google Base

Google Book Search APIs forum

Google Calendar

Google Checkout

Google Chrome Help

Google Code

Google Code Search

Google Contacts Data API Developer Forum

Google Custom Buttons

Google Custom Search Engine (Google Co-op)   

Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac

Google Desktop   

Google Docs

Google Earth

Google Finance

Google Firefox Extensions

Google for Educators   

Google for Non-Profits Discussion Group

Google Fusion Tables

Google Gears   

Google Groups   

Google India Labs / Google Noticeboard

Google Mail

Google Maps   

Google Maps API   

Google Message Security Discussion

Google Mobile / Google Latitude

Google Music Trends

Google News

Google Notebook

Google O3D

Google O3D Announce (only announcements)

Google Page Creator   

Google Page Creator Updates (only announcements)

Google Reader   

Google Ride Finder

Google Scholar

Google Search Appliance / Google Mini

Google Site Flavored Search

Google Sites   

Google SketchUp

Google SMS

Google Talk   

Google Toolbar

Google Transit

Google Translate

Google Trends

Google Visualization API forum

Google Wave API

Google Web Accelerator

Google Web Elements

Google Webmaster Help

Google Web Search

Google Web Toolkit

Google WiFi


KML Developer Support

Macs Inside Google




Picasa APIs

Picasa for Linux

Protocol Buffers

YouTube APIs

YouTube API Service Notifications (announcements only)

Old Official Discussion Groups

Official Google forums sometimes get replaced by newer ones, but if
you are interested in browsing the archives of old messages, here are
some of the old archive-only forums:


Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Google Apps   

Google Base

Google Book Search APIs forum

Google Calendar

Google Checkout

Google Chrome Help

Google Custom Search Engine (Google Co-op)   

Google Docs   

Google Earth

Google Mail

Google Maps

Google Message Security Discussion

Google Mini

Google Mobile

Google News

Google Pack

Google Sites

Google Talk

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Google Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Google Video

Google Video (older)

Google Webmaster Help

Google Web Search   

Lively Help Group



Postini Support for Policy Management and Message Recovery for Google Apps

Old Official Newsgroups

Before people could create Google Groups discussion groups, in the
past Google used Usenet newsgroups. E.g.
was created in year 2001. Some of the products don't even exist
anymore, but you might find some info about them by using Google
Web Search:













Unofficial Forums

Forums not hosted by Google: Google Gmail Forum

Google Community Google

WebmasterWorld: The Google World

Forums hosted by Google Groups:   

Gmail down


Google Calendar Users

Google Helpers

Google Page Creator Guide

Google Problems

KNOL Users

Unofficial Newsgroups

Below are some unofficial Usenet newsgroups about Google:   (DejaNews was acquired by Google in 2001)


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