Toad Class Assault Frame


Classification: Experimental Assault Frame

Superior Alliance nick name:  Toady, Hunchback

Height: 7 meters

Shielding: Magnetic barrier x2 (in each shoulder)

Armour: Nano-crystalline reinforced blast steel w/ refractive overlay

Powerplant: Cold fusion reactor x 4

Top speed Running: 160 Km/h

Max jump height: 200 meters

Max Jump length: 200 meters

Flight: 130 Km/h for 10 minute duration


Fixed: Heated finger claws x 6, 20 mm palm gatling guns x 2, remote gun pods (mount 1 x 50 caliber gun) x 6

Hard points:

2 x Swivel mounts on each shoulder for B Class Weapon pods

2 x mounts on forearms for A class weapon pods

2 x mount on forearms for experimental weapon pods


An experimental assault frame with built in magnetic shielding, a first for a frame in the Alliance armed forces.  This experimental frame also boasted performance better then a Crusader class  with powerful thrusters for improved maneuvering as well as sustained short range flight.  Weapon systems were similar to the Battler class assault frame  but also sported 2 20mm palm gatling cannons as well as forearm mounts for other experimental equipment.    On the prototype weapon side this frame also sported six remote gun pods which were a first for an Alliance frame.  The Toad while still in the prototype phase could see mass production soon as it's abilities are another level when compared with current Assault frames.