Room 25 Tour of Google

Date & Time: March 14, 2016 10:45 to 2:30

Parent Drivers TBA:

Google Guides:

1. Bill Berryman/Brad Bishop

2. Arthur Weinberger

3. Ted Sander

Description: The goal of this trip is to give a group of 26 eighth grade students an exciting and intriguing glimpse into the culture and endeavors of Google and Googlers. Perhaps some kids will discover a new interest, meet a new mentor, or just be motivated by the possibilities that grow from the empowering atmosphere and extensive resources of Google.

Parent Participants (signed-in by Arthur): Susan, Diann, Mona, Stacy, Angie, Roxy, Violeta, Linda, Jane, Michelle, Joan, Moira, Janet, Dave

Ideas of things the kids would like to see, do, and know (in no particular order):

    1. AdSense: how does G make money from ads?

    2. Maps/Earth: sources of imagery, how GPS works, driving/biking/transit directions

    3. Search:

    4. Servers: spiders, databases, filters, etc

    5. Climate & Culture: G's view of employee serves, empowerment, expectations.

    6. Coding: What is under the hood that makes it all work?

    7. Glass:

    8. Self-Driving Cars:

    9. YouTube:

    10. History and future of Google:

    11. 20% Time:

    12. What is real and not real about the movie "The Internship" (old guys getting jobs at Google)

    13. Why does Google offer so many free services (eg Google Apps for Education)?

On September 22, 2014, all of the 8th graders will be going to the GooglePlex in Mountain View to tour the exhibits of the Google Science Fair. Our exhibit tour time is 10:00 to 10:30. All students need a permission sheet signed by parents. Copies were handed out in class, but if you didn't receive one, please download it here, then print it out, complete it, and return it to your homeroom teacher.


Thomas (Lukas, Brian, Sebastian, Hannah, Paola, Eliki)

Anu (Tuisku, Olivia, Juliana)

Ashok (Maya, Addie, Gabi, Yorsabell)

SoonHee (Sean, Khael, Ali, Avi)

Tudor (Theodor, Jax, Naya)

Lavanya (Vaibhav, Tom, Luka, Aiden, Joaquin)

Pilar (Backup)