Spring 2015: The GPS Selective will be doing this same trip on 3/27. Information from an old trip is below.

Fall 2012: Los Gatos Creek Trail

12:35: Leave DCS, "wheel" a mile to Phoenix & Hamilton, by the Safeway (via Stockbridge, Gleason, Phoenix)

12:55 to 1:05: Bus 82 to Hamilton & Bascom, then walk via Creekside Drive to Pruneridge

1:20 to 1:45: Pizza (next to Camera 7 theatre)

1:45 to 2:25: Los Gatos Creek Trail, Hamilton to Meridian (about 2 miles)

2:29 to 3:01: Bus #25 to Williams & Orchid 3:01 to 3:10: Wheel to DCS (10 min)

Parent Chaperones:

  1. Orna Michael

  2. Luis Jaimes

  3. Bendik Keleveland

  4. Robin Helf

Students Taking Action:

  • Monika filled out the school's trip request form and submitted it.

  • Francesca and Zaynab wrote the chaperone request letter

  • Noa and Hagen got their parents to come

  • GPS kids found bus routes and schedules as well as pizza costs

Spring, 2012:

Wheels, Avengers, VTA, and the Los Gatos Creek Trail

1. Transportation (Khoi, Ian):

route, times, costs, communication, back-up plan

2. Food (Malaika, Alina, Abbi):

places, preferences, items & prices, discounts, communication

3. Indoor activity 1 (Dominic, Karim, Carter, Graham, Alec):

options, preferences, costs, communication, arrangements

-Movie (1000 Words) at Camera 12 at 4:00 for $6 group price

4. Indoor activity 2 (James, Juliann, Chiara, Jenna):

options, preferences, costs, communication, arrangements

5. Outdoor activities (Vernon, Alison, Kevin, Nolan):

ideas & locations, preferences, weather considerations, permissions

6. Coordination (Avery, Claire, Sarah, Douglas):

docs, dates, permissions (Claire), communicating with parents (Sarah), other teachers (math = Avery), class meetings. Here is the form they want you to fill out.

7. Finances (Danny, Jacob, Justin, Audrey):

budget of income & expenditures, collecting fees, getting checks (deposits/payments), donations. Everyone, look at the Johnny Rockets menu (white board behind Malaika, then put your total bill estimate in the food cell for your row of this spreadsheet).

8. Opt outers:

get parent approval, find a replacement activity for the planning sessions and excursion day

Group Leaders: Please enter your information onto this Gdoc

Wheels & Pizza