Class descriptions document is here for Spring, 2017

Student Selectives Login: discovery-selectives.appspot.com

Instructions from Sarah (9/14/16)

To view their final schedules, have the students:

1.) Log in to their @mydiscoveryk8.org  account.

2.) Go to the website http://discovery-selectives.appspot.com/

3.) Click the "Log In" link at the top right corner. Click "Allow" if it requests permission.

4.) Under Step 3, click "View Final Schedule"

My Selectives Schedule, Fall of the 2016-2017 School Year
  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
 Block AGrade Level Woodshop Grade Level Work Crew
 Block BGrade Level WoodshopPrepWired

My Selectives Schedule, Winter-Spring of the  2013-2014 School Year
  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
 Block AGrade Level Woodshop Grade LevelCode Convention
 Block B
 Woodshop Grade Level GPS

My Selectives Schedule, Winter-Spring 2013
  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
 Block A Woodshop Grade Level ? Grade Level
 Block B Woodshop Digital Life Math GPS@DCS

My Selectives Schedule, Fall 2011
  Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
 Block A Woodshop Core Tutorial Core
 Block B Woodshop Seriously Funny My Digital Life Study Hall

Ideas for other selectives:
  1. Video Game Design and Construction
  2. Google Tools A to Z
  3. Labor and Landscaping
  4. High School Preparation Boot Camp

Media Elective (ppt from Kennedy class)
Technology Elective (ppt from Kennedy class)
Website Production (grading criteria)