This page describes some of the things that should get done on a daily basis.

The Daily Record:

This is the series of wood planks that hang on the back wall of the classroom. Each plank is a record of the schedule and paperwork for a day you can follow the steps below to create the next board. Click here for video.

    1. Take down the board that is closest to the window

    2. Take off the sample assignment (taped to the board) and tape it to the bottom of the daily schedule

    3. Take off the daily schedule (and sample assignment), hole punch it, and add it to the archive set on the wall

    4. Copy the daily schedule from the website, paste it into word, format it (arial 26, 24, 22) and print it

    5. Tape the schedule so that the top of the sheet is centered on the top line of the board

    6. Get a copy of the assignment, if any, and tape it to the board below the daily schedule

    7. Get any extra copies of the assignment, if any, and hang them from the screw.

    8. Add the board to the right side of the series of planks, and push it down to the red line.

Updating the Website Daily:

Three things need to be updated every day. The calendar, the assignments spreadsheet, and the "Do Now, Due Next" box.

    1. Calendar: Create an event on the "Science Assignments" calendar that has the assignment number in brackets followed by the name of the assignment (if you are not a collaborator with editing rights on this calendar, I can add you as such)

    2. Spreadsheet: Open the "Science Assignments" spreadsheet (I'll make you a collaborator if you aren't already). Insert a row at the top and write in the information for the assignment given that day. You can also search for it on the archived rows, modify that row as needed, and then sort by date assigned so that it goes to the top.

    3. Sidebar: Get to edit mode for the sidebar item that is called "Do Now, Due Next" and add a line above the current top line that states the assignment number and name (similar to the calendar). You can make a hyperlink to the assignment itself if possible.