During the month of September, room 25 would like to have parents or other adults come to our class to teach/demonstrate/play/do something educational, interactive, and interesting. Everyone has talents or abilities or perspectives that are very worthy of sharing. Having parents in the room to share anything (really, anything) that they know about, have done, or are interested in is extremely valuable for the class. All year I will be asking them to find, amplify, and indulge their curiosity and special interests and these parent sessions set the stage for that perfectly.

The topic and timing is up to you parents within the constraints that it happens during September and not during our class' math (12 to 1) or PE times (Monday and Thursday 2:10 to 2:45). The document below contains a table showing the volunteers (and date/time) for this year, and the spreadsheet at the bottom of the page includes a list of ideas from another similar process that I facilitated a few years ago. Parents, you should have received an email inviting you to edit the document below (which you can't do from within this website page). Let me know if you want me to re-send the invite.

Parent Activities
Merit Non-Tech Talent Teaching