Field Trip for 2016-2017
  1. Ropes Course (October 3, 2016)
  2. Cal Coast Walkabout (October 10, 11, 12, 2016) -- overnight
  3. Civil War Living History at Angel Island (November 17, 18, 2016)
  4. San Francisco (About April 17-21, 2017) -- overnight
  5. Exploratorium (December 6, 2016)
  6. San Jose Scooter Tour
  7. Courthouse
  8. Sacramento then Rafting the American River, South Fork (June, 2017) -- overnight

Field Trip for 2015-2016 (not in order or confirmed)
  1. Google and/or GE (room 25)
  2. Ropes Course (September 24, 2015)
  3. Cal Coast Walkabout (room 25 = November 17, 18, 19, 20???, 2015) -- overnight
  4. San Francisco (February 22, 23, 25, 25, 2016) -- overnight
  5. Exploratorium
  6. San Jose History and Courthouse
  7. 49er Stadium
  8. Sacramento then Rafting the American River, South Fork (June) -- overnight
  9. Civil War Living History at Angel Island (IF we can get spaces)

Field Trip for 2014-2015
  1. Google Science Fair (September 22, 8:30 departure, 12:30 return)
  2. Ropes Course (October 3, 2014)
  3. Sweeney Todd (October 30, 2014)
  4. Age of Sail (December 10 & 11, 2014) -- overnight
  5. San Francisco (January 20-23, 2014) -- overnight
  6. Exploratorium (Feb 26)
  7. Courthouse (May 6)
  8. 49er Stadium (April 28, 2015)
  9. Sacramento then Rafting the American River, South Fork (Chilli Bar to Folsom, June 3, 4, 5) -- overnight
Other Ideas for 2014-2015
  1. San Jose & Silicon Valley History (City Hall, MLK Library, Guadalupe, SJ MoMA)
  2. Habitat for Humanity (or similar) project
  3. Tour of mechanized "factory"
  4. iFly
  5. Tech Shop
  6. San Jose and the Guadalupe River Trail
  7. Cam 7 and the Los Gatos Creek Trail
  8. Peterson Nature Center
  9. Santa Cruz
Here is our Overnight Team list and our responsibilities:
Stacy Deaver - Make sure everyone has forms filled out
Maina and Eliki Damuni - Checking if payments/contributions have been made
Pooja Aura - Will be coordinating drivers and their groups
Allison Catalano - Medications and releases/ forms to do with medical.
Jill Leonard - coordinating timelines, communications and overall efforts.

Field Trips for 2013-2014

 Trip & Description Dates and Donation Transportation Planning Notes
 Mt Hermon Ropes Course  September 9, 2013 cars: Tudor, Alan,
Waldemar, Elizabeth,
 Need to leave school by 8:05.
 7-11 Experiment Sept 20 (1:30 to 2:30) Walk 
 Cal Coast Walkabout 1 October 8, 9  $150 cars: 6 to 8 parents needed
 Ender's Game (movie) November 1, earliest showtime  ~$10 walk or bus 82 2 parents needed
 Giving Tree Warehouse December 12, 2013Waldemar Zolnierek-4
Bina Desai -6
Lisa Chong-3
Muffie Waterman-5
Anu Arsalo-4
Shilpa Young-5
Sarah St. John (Back up)
 San Jose Scooter Tour December 16, 2013 VTA Star Wars ($8) & Tech Shop
 MVCPA for Sound of Music March 6, 2014 (10:00 to 1:00)  $8 cars 
 Walkabout 2 (SF and Marin) March 18, 19, 20, 2014 ($50) Train & walking 
 Yosemite April 7 to 11, 2014 ($590)  
 Ballet May 23, 2014 (10:00 to 1:00) $8 VTA 
 Redwoods & River May 27 to 28, 2014 VTA 

  1. Beach day and Henry Cowell Redwoods campout
  2. Industrial and residential recycling center
  3. Downtown San Jose
  4. Homeless kitchen and/or shelter

Field Trips for 2012-2013

Optional 8th Grade Camping Overnight, September 27, 2012
Asian Art Museum, SF.  May 6, 2013

Below are the trips from 2011-2012, posted by Marie Laughlin

Rm#25 FieldTrip plans, 2011-2012 school year.

Dates         Activity                         Status

9 Sept         Ropes                     - completed

9/10 Sept    Ropes Overnight     - completed

11 Oct         Exploratorium

15 Nov        Islamic Science@ Tech Museum

17/18 Nov   Age of Sail Overnight

  6 Mar         I-Fly

26 Apr         CTC – Of Mice & Men

May             deAnza Planetarium        to be confirmed

21-24May     DC Overnight

Jun             Shakespeare to Go           to be confirmed


the Exploratorium, Islamic Science @ the Tech Museum, I-Fly, CTC play, deAnza Plantarium, DC, and Shakespeare trip are all 3 classes, rm #s 22, 25 & 26, together.

Field Trip Background & Guidelines:

Ref: field trips 26 Sept 2011

As 8th grade families, I felt that you did not need to hear all the details about field trips at Back to School Night last week. I only brought up the changes. Here are the extensive details.

As you know, each family at DCS is required to do 3 field trips/child. We are planning to do 10 day trips and 3 overnights in Mr Heumann's 8th grade class this year. With 27 children in the class, assuming an average of 4 students/car, we clearly need everyone to do their 3 trips.

(27 students * 13 trips) / (27cars*4students/car) = 3.25 trips ( I hope we avg larger cars!)

Car = family in this case

In 8th grade, we do not need non-driving chaperones on most trips. There may be 1 walking trip. With advance notice, I might be able to set up drop-off/pick-up splits.

If you have a conflict or an issue with driving on field trips or a restrictive schedule, let me know as soon as possible. It is my goal to help you make your 3 trip requirement. The sooner I understand and can work with any constraints, the more successful we will be as a class. I look at this as a challenge, a puzzle to solve.

Scheduling Chaperones – with the exception of the first trip, Ropes, I will always put out a call for ‘Drivers Requested’ on the 8th gr yahoo group and Mr Heumann's website. This notification will go out typically 3 wks in advance. If you need more notice to schedule time off from work, let me know.

I will always ask for volunteers first. If we do not get enough volunteers, the families that are scheduled to work on the day of the field trip will be asked to drive. Based on the response to the Ropes trip, I do not think this will be an issue for rm#25 families. If a trip is very popular we might have to have a drawing.

I will always get back to everyone who offers to drive on a trip, whether or not they are a chaperone for that trip. Before a field trip, I will confirm with all of the drivers their seat count, the time we are leaving school, and the expected return time to DCS. I will also send out directions at the same time for your review. Printed copies of the directions will always be supplied in the ‘Driver’s Packet’.

Chaperone Tickets – This year the 8th gr field trip budget is very tight. The 8th gr teaching team has reviewed each field trip and identified how many chaperones are needed inside each venue. The balance of the chaperones will be released and asked to return by a certain time. If you wish to attend the field trip, you will be asked to purchase a ticket.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me at:

            408 243-5204 or email (that is 4 letters, 4 numbers)

Maria Laughlin


  • DCS field trip guidelines

  • Preliminary field trip schedules (only what is bolded is confirmed, everything else could change)

Why do we have these Field Trip Guidelines?

Travel with a buddy driver – we can all tell of experiences of flat tires, going to the wrong location, etc. By sticking together, we can help each other in an emergency. A couple of years ago at DCS, there was a driver who had 2 flat tires on a trip (caused by debris on the road). Some of the locations we go to in 8th gr do not have cell reception the entire route. You do not need to travel in a caravan but try to keep your buddy in sight. Once you get to the location, verify that your buddy has arrived. If there is a problem, let Mr Heumann know, leave the students, and go back to find your buddy.

You and your buddy are responsible for each other.

Stick to the route – A couple of years ago, the 6th graders went to Elkhorn Slough for a Science project. Everyone who followed the directions arrived on time. Everyone who followed their GPS got lost. This delayed the start of the field trip of an already long day. Also if there is a problem, we will be checking the route so it is the fastest way to be found/assisted.

Seatbelts – Obvious.

No cell phone use while driving – DCS Policy - even if you have an earpiece, no using the cell phone while driving. This is for the greatest safety. We have all heard about the safety studies involving cell phone use while driving. If you have to answer a call, pull off the road (if on the highway exit the highway) or ask someone in the car to answer.

The fastest communication route to another car on a field trip seems to be an 8th grader surreptitiously texting.

Follow Safety Laws – When I worked too long or too late, my boss would remind me that the company did not pay for divorces. Field trips are the same, DCS will not pick up the tickets etc. Besides the safety of all the students in your car, if you get a ticket you will be infamous in rm#25 and no one wants to earn it that way.

No personal buying on field trips – People always ask why not? If they buy for everyone in the car it should be ok. The problem is if you are not buying for everyone in the class there will be problems. If you want to buy for everyone in the class, check with Mr Heumann first for allergies or other concerns.

Remember the field trip is for the students of rm#25. We are there to ensure the safety of the children and to help engage all of the students in the activity. The 8th gr teaching team will determine for each field trip how many chaperones are required for each venue.

For those of us who did not grow-up in CA, I always consider these field trips a great chance to learn.

Mount Hermon Adventure, Fall 2011

UPDATE:  Today is Saturday and I just returned from a visit to Ponderosa Lodge and the Mount Hermon Conference Grounds in Felton.  The place is beautiful, big, and has many things for us to do.  The cabins will be perfect for us and the grounds have lots of possibilities: soccer field, sand volleyball court, game room, meeting room, hiking trails, campfire circles, etc.  We're going to have fun.

I'm excited to offer the option for kids and parents to stay overnight at Mount Hermon after the ropes course experience. The facilities and the area are very nice and there are many activities that will be fun and help to solidify the group even more.

Friday, September 9, 2011
2:00:  After the ropes course experience, assemble in parking lot.  
2:15:  Load overnight bags into cars of remaining parents, then drive (5 min) to Ponderosa Lodge.
2:30:  Find our cabins and put belongings into rooms.  Tour of the grounds.
3:00: Outdoor activities and exploration
4:00 Drive to Graham Hill Campground, walk to redwoods trail to river
6:30 Felton for dinner (Taqueria Vallarta or Round Table Pizza)
7:30 Back to Ponderosa Lodge
8:00 Evening activities
9:30 Into cabins

7:30 Pack up and load cars
8:00 Breakfast at Conference Center
9:00 Cowell Redwoods loop trail and San Lorenzo river
11:00 Drive to DCS
12:00 Arrive DCS for parent pick-up.

Things to Pack (beyond what you're wearing):
  1. Comfortable shoes for trail walking
  2. Sleeping bag or comforter
  3. Pillow (if you want)
  4. Sweatshirt
  5. Long pants and/or sweats
  6. Extra socks and undies
  7. 2 shirts
  8. Bathing suit (we MIGHT be able to use the pool)
  9. Flashlight (optional)
  10. Reading book
  11. Any games or activities that you thing might be fun for the group to play
You and the non-overnighters will bring a bag lunch for Friday, but the overnight crew needs to bring snacks for other times as well, including Friday after ropes course but before the hike, a small evening snack, and maybe something for the car ride home.

   Boys  Girls
 1  Danny  Abbi
 2  Douglas  Alina
 3  Ian  Alison
 4  Jacob  Chiara
 5  Karim  Jenna
 6  Kevin  Mika
 7  Khoi  Sarah
 8  Riley Juliann
 9  Vernon  

Drivers/Chaperones:  Lisa (yes 4), Cristina (yes 6), Canh (yes 6), Joe (4)
   Men  Women
 1  Canh  Lisa
 2  Joe  Cristina
 3  Chris  

Mount Hermon Promotional Video

I'm going to meet with the 18 overnight kids Thursday during lunch and giving them a packing list and itinerary (above).  I can set the stage, but it will be up to them to make it all play out in the best way possible.  I really want to foster an atmosphere of "empowered autonomy" in the kids this year and so I will invest in their ability to take care of themselves and each other -- with somewhat of a safety net, of course.

I want us to do a one way hike from Graham Hill Campground down to the San Lorenzo river on Friday afternoon, before dinner.  I'll have 2 parents come with me and the kids on the (1 hour) hike and have the other two shuffle all 4 cars to the other end of the trail (hwy 9 entrance to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park).  From there we'll go to dinner in town.  

I'm going to buy some snacks and water bottles for the "hike" Friday afternoon, but please mention to the parents of overnighters that they should help their kids get (and pack) extra snack foods for various times (2 to 4 on Friday, 11-12 on Saturday.  I'll mention it at the lunch meeting tomorrow too.  Happy belly, dry feet, happy camper.